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Deb at The Sugared Teacup (@thesugaredteacup) Instagram Profile Photothesugaredteacup

Deb at The Sugared Teacup


Gooood morning and happy Friday!!Yes, I got a wee bit of sleep last night after coming home from my last day as a holiday market Bloomie but not too much; I am back at Scarborough Town Centre as we speak because I'm getting my passport renewed at the civic centre next door lmao!Ain't no rest for the wicked - yet!This was last night at 10pm, the final moments as I packed up my stuff and took down my booth.I barely had anything left and I left tired and exhausted but so full of love and joy and pride.I DID IT!! I DID A 2-WEEK HOLIDAY MARKET AND SHOW OMG!..I stood by my booth and just stared at the clean, empty surface for a few quietmoments before leaving, soaking in that bittersweet moment and saying a silent thank you.I have so much to write and share and say but for now, just a shot of my empty booth, the way I left it before the next vendor moved in - the market continues with a new set of artisans till the 24th!! KEEP SUPPORTING LOCAL SMALL BUSINESSES!..#blossomandbloomshow#blossomandbloom#scarboroughtowncentre#christmasmarket#holidaymarket#christmasshopping#holidayshopping#giftgiving#anewbeginning#imabloomie#alwaysabloomie#makersunite#aheartfullofgratitude#aheartfullofmemories#allpackedup#goodbyefornow#thesugaredteacupstory

Think zara hatke (@think_zarahatke) Instagram Profile Photothink_zarahatke

Think zara hatke



From listening their BAKWAAS to jhelofying our LAMENESS - MEMORIES HAPPENED# AND IT TAKES JUST SOMETIME TO BRING THOSE MEMORIES BACK WITH THESE GIFTS#giftyourlovedones #aheartfullofmemories

Shireen Woodward (@runningshireen) Instagram Profile Photorunningshireen

Shireen Woodward


I'm home safe and sound with a head and heart full 1560638245761486804

I'm home safe and sound with a head and heart full of great memories from my coaching convention in New Orleans. And even though I'm dang tired, I know I won't remember that in the coming months and years. What I WILL remember is the feeling of acceptance and love of these (and so many other) inspiring women right here..It's sadly normal for people to compare themselves to others, and I always catch myself wondering if I'm going to fit in with the other "cool" coaches on my team because I'm older or taller or larger or way less coordinated than they are!.But then I realize NO ONE cares! 20,000 coaches got together in New Orleans just because they wanted to share ideas about how to help people get more healthy and fit and learn how to improve their own lives and be the CEO of their own businesses. Oh, and so they could say they worked out with ShaunT too..I realized this weekend just how blessed I am to run this kind of a flexible business with the sole purpose of helping people make positive lifestyle changes. If this kind of business appeals to you, reach out and let's talk. I'd love to mentor you and help you learn how to get started running your own people-helping business so you can feel the blessings that I feel..#friendshipismagic#selfiesgalore#igneworleans#nolafun#aheartfullofmemories#supportcommunity#dontcompare#supporteachother#womeninspiringwomen#womenempowering#makeadifferenceeveryday#changinglives#changeyourlifetoday#friendsarethebest

Zanda Mthembu (@zanda_mthembu) Instagram Profile Photozanda_mthembu

Zanda Mthembu

True friends are the ones who never leave your hea 1526356152048433700

True friends are the ones who never leave your heart, even if they leave your life for a while. Even after years apart, you pick up with them right where you left off, and even if they die they're never dead in your heart.#alwaysandforeverinmyheart#aheartfullofmemories

Our final walk today, before traveling home again. 1455124630678354626

Our final walk today, before traveling home again. I'm gonna miss our moments, Tes! #aheartfullofmemories#amindfullofviews

Anais Fairweather (@anaisfairweather) Instagram Profile Photoanaisfairweather

Anais Fairweather

19 years ago today, my dad transformed from an ear 1340918873038020676

19 years ago today, my dad transformed from an earthly angel to a heavenly one. If you met him, you'd believe in heaven too. #aheartfullofmemories

Marlene Holm (@marleneholm1) Instagram Profile Photomarleneholm1

Marlene Holm

Every minute I spend in this city is amazing! Cant 1123978695370540777

Every minute I spend in this city is amazing! Cant believe I only got a few weeks left..#hongkong#cbsexchange#aheartfullofmemories#happy