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🎶Maurice Spears: Big Irish Balls😃 4" deadlift 260x1 275x1 290x1 265x2x2 Mixed bag today. I did lock out for a split second here but grip was right at the limit and was starting to go at the top. Need an extra day over what I'm taking I think before these heavy pulls. Lower back was fried for the backoff work after this and wasn't pretty. #aipo  

Ash 👽 (@ashisme13) Instagram Profile Photo ashisme13

Ash 👽

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Absolute SHITE session today! Deficits at 110kg and pauses at 80kg. Few nagging injuries I think I should get sorted before comp. 😬

Natasha Ní Mhaoldomhnaigh (@natashamaloneypowerlifting) Instagram Profile Photo natashamaloneypowerlifting

Natasha Ní Mhaoldomhnaigh

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Some squats from tonight at a different angle. Feeling good here, trying to push the higher weight minus the wraps whilst building my strength endurance 👌9 weeks out @kpstrengthtraining 🏋️‍♀️😊 .   #aipo

Karen Mc Kernan (@mightyminion_) Instagram Profile Photo mightyminion_

Karen Mc Kernan

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117.5kg at 59kg PB squat in sleeves... this was my opener in wraps in Russia! I worked hard for it but the smile at the end shows it was worth it x Cant wait to get back in next week! #aipo

Aaron_Hayes-RawPowerlifter (@aaronhayes20) Instagram Profile Photo aaronhayes20


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135 bench from tonight making steady progress every week! Feeling good and strong for a new bench pb in 11 weeks time 💪🏻 #AIPO

Ronan Gray (@ro_gray) Instagram Profile Photo ro_gray

Ronan Gray

250x2 and 240x2 🙄

Dave Fitzpatrick (@davesquats) Instagram Profile Photo davesquats

Dave Fitzpatrick

'light' day on squats today. Ended up with a new pb on the last set. 120 x 6 on front squat. 125 x 3 is my previous best. Definitely more there too. Quality spot from the Roscam Oak. Powered by #aipo

🥑🍒Nutri Fernanda Paulucci🥒🌰 (@fepauluccinutri) Instagram Profile Photo fepauluccinutri

🥑🍒Nutri Fernanda Paulucci🥒🌰

Instagram Image by 🥑🍒Nutri Fernanda Paulucci🥒🌰 (@fepauluccinutri) with caption : "Além de ser delicioso, o aipo ainda é um ótimo diurético e detoxificante, ajuda na eliminação das toxinas acumuladas no " at Nutricionista Fernanda Paulucci - 1693046680973719506

Além de ser delicioso, o aipo ainda é um ótimo diurético e detoxificante, ajuda na eliminação das toxinas acumuladas no organismo. Ele promove relaxamento, redução de cólicas e auxilia no sono. Tem ação bactericida sobre o trato urinário, ajuda no funcionamento intestinal, carminativo e promove o controle na pressão arterial. #aipo

crismariaemagrecendo (@crismariaemagrecendo) Instagram Profile Photo crismariaemagrecendo


image by crismariaemagrecendo (@crismariaemagrecendo) with caption : "#sucoverde de #aipo #couve #hortelã #limão #abacaxi #gengibre
Se ficou bom?? Nao é delicioso, porem está melhor do que i" - 1692953884840699040
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de #aipo Se ficou bom?? Nao é delicioso, porem está melhor do que imaginei.

image by Julia (@ju_em_processo) with caption : "Então vamos de frango com aipo 💚 e cerejas ❤!!!
#aipo 💚
#cereja ❤" - 1692890374715387006
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Então vamos de frango com aipo 💚 e cerejas ❤!!! # #aipo 💚

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Bringing up a few topics over the coming weeks which many are afraid to talk about for fear of being labelled negative. I think we really need to hit reset on this pc culture and things will hopefully come to a head within my lifetime. I try to be positive wherever I can, but certain issues need to be addressed in an open and constructive manner so progress can be made. Any topics you would like covered in the future, leave a comment below or drop me a dm. #aipo