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ismail Kayaarslan (@ismail_kaya77) Instagram Profile Photo ismail_kaya77

ismail Kayaarslan


image by ismail Kayaarslan (@ismail_kaya77) with caption : "Keyifli akşamlar" - 1694445341157412217
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Keyifli akşamlar

Georgiana Grama (@iamgeorgiana) Instagram Profile Photo iamgeorgiana

Georgiana Grama

Instagram Image by Georgiana Grama (@iamgeorgiana) with caption : "Waiting for your call 😋" at Hundertwasserhaus - 1694445157883302414

Waiting for your call 😋

image by Lee (@zanziadventure) with caption : "No turning back now. Our round the world trip is booked.  We're beginning in London and working East. My first thought a" - 1694445557004954451
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No turning back now. Our round the world trip is booked. We're beginning in London and working East. My first thought after clicking confirm was, "What the hell have I done?" Before today, this was just a crazy idea - granted it was one we'd agreed on. We'd even picked dates and requested vacation, but somehow it didn't feel real to me until now. Now, we're financially invested. Now, the fear is real. I'm scared and excited about the prospect of spending six weeks traveling with three little kids and one big one. My mind is racing. Was this a selfish move on my part? How will the kids handle shuffling from one hotel to another? Let alone one country to another? It's a whirlwind trip trying to pack 4 continents into five weeks, with a few days cushion on either side. Some would say it's a waste of time to spend such a short period in so many places. Many have tried to convince us to pick 2-3 places to spend our time and really immerse ourselves in the culture. Its not a bad suggestion. I've enjoyed trips like that. But, with all the kids going, and the rare opportunity my husband and I have to take a month off work at the same time, to do this, we decided we'd rather do a sampler tour of the world. Then we can always go back to the places that draw us. It's also so much more affordable doing rtw tickets than it would be visiting all these places on separate trips, so if you've been considering a rtw but think it's too expensive, don't rule it out before checking out @airtreks or pricing tickets yourself. Thanks to @jennymciver whose book, Round the World in 30 Days, The Grown-up's Guide to Globe Trotting, was an incredible resource. Well, good idea or bad, it's happening... So in the spirit of my 2018 intention to live fearlessly, I'm plunging ahead and dragging the entire family with me. Here's to new adventures and continuous growth! Have you taken your kids on a long trip? Any tips? - - - #aroundtheworld

E•M•E de mujer 🇺🇸 (@emedemujerusa) Instagram Profile Photo emedemujerusa

E•M•E de mujer 🇺🇸

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La naturaleza siempre nos pone en perspectiva sobre nuestras vidas. 🌴🌊 . . ¿Qué les parece un lugar como el favorito de @galagonzalez para retomar energías? . . #aroundtheworld

Lau Primavesi (@lauprimavesi) Instagram Profile Photo lauprimavesi

Lau Primavesi

Instagram Image by Lau Primavesi (@lauprimavesi) with caption : "South Africa 🇿🇦 2015 .
#southafrica #lovethisplace #happiness #aroundtheworld" at Augrabies Falls National Park - 1694445465041749879

South Africa 🇿🇦 2015 . . . . . #aroundtheworld