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Tishy Vail (@tishyvail) Instagram Profile Photo tishyvail

Tishy Vail

Instagram Image by Tishy Vail (@tishyvail) with caption : "This photo was taken on a stormy day - wind, rain, even lighting. Still, we decided to go for a walk. Whilst walking I r" at Sangyé Yoga School - Jivamukti Affiliate London - 1695611755643170211

This photo was taken on a stormy day - wind, rain, even lighting. Still, we decided to go for a walk. Whilst walking I remember thinking ‘I’m wet, I’m cold, how long before I’m home?’ Then we came across this sign and it made me smile, ‘are you here?’ Ah no, I so was not. The word ‘Sangye’ in Tibetan means ‘Awakened’. As I contemplate this, it seems it isn’t as simple as just being awake ie. having my eyes open so I can place one foot in front of the other giving me a sense I’m getting somewhere. I question am I really getting somewhere or is it an illusion, am I just going round in circles? Or is it the realisation and understanding the true way forwards is to actually stop. To be mindful of all things in each millisecond - feelings, sights, smells, taste and sounds - of the wind, the rain, the cold, the earth under our feet, of what we like and dislike, of what we cling to and push away. Is it the ability to experience reality in it’s entirety - to have the courage to accept and then immediately let it all go so we are ready to do it again, in each and every millisecond after that. Just a reminder - teaching tomorrow 3pm @sangyeyogaschool . . . #awakened

Transformation Coach (@moor_mariadossantos) Instagram Profile Photo moor_mariadossantos

Transformation Coach

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The people that tell you, you don't need to grow and better yourself are those who are proud strugglers. There's no such thing as proud struggle. That's an . If Steve Jobs had that mentality, alot of us wouldn't be able to benefit from what he created. Everything evolves even the . Broke minds think broken things, just like hurt people hurt others. So today I roll like this Friday affirmation: I accept all that I am and all that I must become 💖 Woke&Empowered #awakened

BRYANT SINA ( Instagram Profile Photo


Instagram Image by BRYANT SINA ( with caption : "THREE 🌊🌊🌊What does that number mean to you?" at Huntington Beach, California - 1695600844487390924

THREE 🌊🌊🌊What does that number mean to you?