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Carl & Katie Foster (@freedomofthefosters) Instagram Profile Photo freedomofthefosters

Carl & Katie Foster

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It’s a rough job having to be a playground for baby goats, but someone’s gotta do it.

Love Animal Rescue ❤️ (@babyanimalshq) Instagram Profile Photo babyanimalshq

Love Animal Rescue ❤️

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Have you ever seen this before ? Vid by @minamatasea

Drew Hamilton (@drewhh) Instagram Profile Photo drewhh

Drew Hamilton

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Mom gave these COY’s a fish to keep them occupied. This spot is in sight of where the pebble partnership wants to put a port facility that would change the face of this wild coast forever. . . . . . #babyanimals #babyanimals

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@Regranned from @lc4a - A mother cow and her friends attack the man who heartlessly attempts to steal her baby. — Choosing to consume dairy forces countless families to be separated. This is just one step of the horrific cycle of cruelty that is inherent to the dairy industry. — Dairy=Cruelty, period. — 🐮 ❤️ 🌱 . . . #babyanimals #babyanimals

image by riikaaaaa (@riikaaaaa_jp) with caption : "ふと見たらびびさん。

#チョコタン#癒し#babyanimals" - 1694782990339947848
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ふと見たらびびさん。 #babyanimals

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@Regranned from @animalplanet - Bath time for baby sloths! 😍 . . #babyanimals -

image by Animals (@insta.paw) with caption : "Watch out 🦁
Photo by © suhaderbent" - 1694775361924454858
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Watch out 🦁 Photo by © suhaderbent