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Darker The Berry (@_darker_the_berry_) Instagram Profile Photo_darker_the_berry_

Darker The Berry

Darker The Berry supporter @west_african_doll bles 1671150640365029310

Darker The Berry supporter @west_african_dollblessing us with a hot off the presses image from her most recent photo shoot with photographer@maxwelljennings#darkertheberry#fitnessgoddess#herblackisbeautiful#melaninpoppin#blackgold#blackgirlsarelit#blackgirlsrock#submissionsaturdays

DM For Promo Prices (@myinfluenstars) Instagram Profile Photomyinfluenstars

DM For Promo Prices

@_shaymaree️ 1671126738804190603
The Nubian Crown 👑 (@thenubiancrown) Instagram Profile Photothenubiancrown

The Nubian Crown 👑

How Did You Start Your Locs?1. Twists2. Braids/ 1671124683325781931

How Did You Start Your Locs?1. Twists2. Braids/ Interlocking3. Coils