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Hey family! What are your plans for 2018? If you w 1671256505218026654

Hey family! What are your plans for 2018? If you want to start a business do it! If you want to write a book do it! Make a plan to execute everything you need to be successful and create a legacy. Shout out to the young king @kingnahhfor always dropping thought provoking gems! #webuyblack

Official Black Wall Street (@officialblackwallstreet) Instagram Profile Photoofficialblackwallstreet

Official Black Wall Street

Introducing #BlackOwned beauty brand @tressenoire! 1671255132657857819

Introducing #blackownedbeauty brand @tressenoire !@teamtressetraveling hair stylists and make up artists bring a personalized beauty experience to your home, office or hotel suite.From braids & weaves to facebeats let their traveling stylists pamper you.Tressenoire Friday Specials: $50 Blowouts and Make up until 12/31/17!! To request an appointment online visit:, call: 267-388-0857 OR email: info@tressenoire.comFollow us! @tressenoire@teamtresse

 Double tap the picTag your friendsIf you live 1671250867142916735

Double tap the picTag your friendsIf you live in California, make sure save the date and come out! ‍️ If you know of any other similar actions taking place in other parts of the country, please comment below or DMs the information.#dreamactnow#heretostay#cleandreamact#whitesupremacy#feminismiscancer#problack#brownlivesmatter#deadaf#unapologeticallyblack#whiteprivilege#amerikkka#blackqueen#whitelivesmatter#blackhistory#blackunity#alohasnackbar#blackempowerment#blacklivesmatter#blackexcellence

Antonio (@tonewax) Instagram Profile Phototonewax



For the culture... #blackhistory

Call out: I'm looking for stories of racial fetish 1671202330908737567

Call out: I'm looking for stories of racial fetishisation from women of colour for my black pin up project in collaboration with the #houseofghetto : a vogue house from Manchester.I want your tales from Tinder, your dating disasters and everyday experiences. Stories can be given anonymously on my blog or you can message me on my facebook page have made a pair of hessian burlesque fans on which I plan to stitch words inspired by your stories. The fans will be danced with as part of a performance with the House of GhettoStories received will also be published on my blog anonymously. Check out my blog series The Hidden Pin Up to find out more (link in bio) #thehiddenpinup#blackpinup#blackfetish#blackhistory#blackculture#burlesque#burlesquefans#handmade#callout (@webuyblack) Instagram Profile Photowebuyblack

Ceata E. Lash is the inventor of the @thepuffcuff1671249392710260821

Ceata E. Lash is the inventor of the @thepuffcuffwhich is an alternative to elastc rubberbands. You can use her cuff to gather your hair into a ponytail or style without putting pressure on your roots. It allows you to wear the naturalstyles you like without experiencing breakage. Salute to this sister on establishing a legacy for her family! #webuyblackfacts