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Jenn Cusick (@luminatejenn) Instagram Profile Photoluminatejenn

Jenn Cusick


From the book, “A Book that Takes it’s Time.” Foll 1670556367550430108

From the book, “A Book that Takes it’s Time.” Following our dreams doesn’t always go exactly the way we want it to, but getting in the arena is ALWAYS a good thing. If we really want something, we can navigate the bumps and caverns along the way (because they will come). ..I was listening to Brenda Brown while driving today. I love how she talked about the tension between feeling brave and terrified at the same time. I feel that tension all the time....#followyourdreams#selfdetermination#truthbomb#brenebrown#theareana#courage#fearandbravery

Grainne Patterson (@grainnepatterson) Instagram Profile Photograinnepatterson

Grainne Patterson


Thank you @coliberate for the best Christmas party 1670553945137077655

Thank you @coliberatefor the best Christmas party of the season. So much love, wisdom and silliness in one room. Love you all xxxx...#coliberate#mentalhealth#quotes#secretsanta#christmas#love#potluck#joy#me#hope#health#consent#belonging#brenebrown

mountainyogabozeman (@mountainyogabozeman) Instagram Profile Photomountainyogabozeman



‘Imperfections are not inadequacies; they are remi 1670551094907290343

‘Imperfections are not inadequacies; they are reminders that we’re all in this together.’ - Brené Brown.Come together on our mats this Saturday morning at 9:30am + Monday at 6:30am as we welcome our own Joni to lead us through our flow. We hope to share your morningtogether. #seeyouonyourmat#mountainyogabozeman


To all the women out there trudging through (and e 1670550426116513312

To all the women out there trudging through (and embracing) the wilderness#brenebrown#intothewilderness#quotes#strongwomen#inspiration#iam


Another excellent contribution by #brenebrown . A few of my favorite passages.

Angela Badloe (@mixedmatters) Instagram Profile Photomixedmatters

Angela Badloe

Leesvoer voor het weekend #weekend #happinez #bren 1670544334159506823

Leesvoer voor het weekend #weekend#happinez#brenebrown

CrossFit AVA (@avaathleticsoc) Instagram Profile Photoavaathleticsoc

CrossFit AVA

As a an athlete, I admit my weaknesses.As a coach 1670541162291964604
AVA AthleticsReportShareDownload117

As a an athlete, I admit my weaknesses.As a coach, I admit my shortcomings.As a person, I admit my imperfections.Here I am. Continue to be humbled, and continueto fail. But in the process I continue to learn and grow.What you see in front of you isn’t a product of pretense and false promises of perfection. It is a product the lessons I learned from my mistakes and failures in the pursuit of excellence.#crossfit#crossfitava#lifelesson#excellence#imperfection#humble#brenebrown#grind#workhard#fitspo#motivation#inspiration#quotes#bevulnerable#progress#failforward#learn

Hope Guidry (@hopeguidry) Instagram Profile Photohopeguidry

Hope Guidry

Do you have someone to remind you how awesome you1670525799512907846

Do you have someone to remind you how awesome you are?Do you practice positive self talk?Do you eat to fuel yourself or to comfort yourself?Do you set aside time each day to just MOVE YOUR BODY?No? Then dude, i get it. That was me.____I’ve lived the life of just going through motions,living for the weekend, numbing myself from all emotions, downgrading my potential & being oblivious to the amount of control i have. NOTHING positive comes from that,6 years of trying & nothing.____My problem was, I didn’t think there was a way out or that i was even worthy enough to actually get out& THAT’S WHY I DO WHAT I DOto show you it’s possible, that there’s so much more to life then just being average or trying to fit in & that there’s light at the end of the tunnel.______I’ve found what has helped me get out of that dark place + stay out & that’s what i invite people to do with me each month. Is to work on fighting your own demons & replace bad habits with BETTER ones. Yeah I’d love to help you lose a few pounds but overcoming your own limited beliefs & allowing yourself to FEEL again >> that’s the shit I’m truly passionate about.I’m here to help, because lord knows if i can do it — you can too_____Only 2 spots left for my December group & cut off to join is today at 3 pm CST.I wanna see you in there. Not for me, for YOU.Turn your excuses into reasons & just fucking go for it.DON’T WAIT, start living.Link in bio. Talk to you soon