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Tara Margulies (@movewithtara) Instagram Profile Photo movewithtara

Tara Margulies

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Tricks in heels for the first time in aaaaaages 💋 must be the new @bandurskadesign set that inspired me. Russian lay back to handspring inspired by @beatriz_polefitnessibiza ⭐️ ||

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The long painful journey to planche. Finally getting more extension which has been the most difficult obstacle for me. If you look at my older vids I may hold for way longer but I hinge at the hips. Still have so far to go. More stretching more consistency more results.

Bon Sheekey (@bonz_fitness) Instagram Profile Photo bonz_fitness

Bon Sheekey

image by Bon Sheekey (@bonz_fitness) with caption : "An awesome gift from a friend, I seen the documentary on Netflix and had to have this book..... Constantly upgrade that " - 1694498282528044668
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Rob Sessions (@robsessionz1983) Instagram Profile Photo robsessionz1983

Rob Sessions

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Push ups on two medicine balls....Balance,Core strength,and Stability.A good finisher on a chest day💪🏽💪🏽..Stay Strong! #calisthenics

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Toe to bar leg raises are one of my favorite core exercise. Pretty much all of my core work is done on bars now (leg raises, knee raises, windshield wipers, front lever, etc). I think they just do a better job at fully engaging your entire core and not just certain parts of your abs (like with crunches and such). You don't have to use a bar if you don't have one. Things like hollow bodies, planks, v-holds, and ab roll outs are great too. However, if you have any kind of bar, I suggest using it...a lot.. . . #calisthenics

Barmetrix (@barmetrix) Instagram Profile Photo barmetrix


image by Barmetrix (@barmetrix) with caption : "Que saben de Chin up 🙌🏻💪🏻 #agu #streetworkout #streetworkoutchile #calistenia #calisteniachile #calisthenics #chinups" - 1694497564672797098
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Que saben de Chin up 🙌🏻💪🏻 #calisthenics