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The new year will be bringing some new newness...1671222663609569418

The new year will be bringing some new newness... yup. Ill be sending the classics to the vault. Cloud Forest, Chrysalis, and Final Boss will remain the rest will be locked a way forever. You can currently pic up the discounted discography on my bandcamp. [Link in the bio]#music#love

Sarcastalites (@sarcastalites) Instagram Profile Photosarcastalites


Celebrating "The Real Thing" week: OKAY truth-be-t 1671220180514139824

Celebrating "The Real Thing" week: OKAY truth-be-told, the cassettes had a rough time in the shipping process and –while due last Friday– are actually JUST IN! But man, do they sound HOT!!! It is so intensely rad to hold these very REAL items in my REAL hands, and to look at them do an extremely REAL spinny-spin-spin in the deck. Who wants one of these very fine, limited edition (only 100 copies made!) REAL THING Sarcastalites cassettes? LINK IN BIO! (PS- the music does not sound as heard here in this silly video loop, this is a bit of a joke fast-forward effect, but I realized after-the-fact that this may confuse some people. Listen to the REAL "The Real Thing" at the link in the bio, as well.)

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Anomaly konglomerate

This instrumental was crafted by a Bronx legend by 1671139302958219442

This instrumental was crafted by a Bronx legend by the name of @lordfinesseditcfor The Brooklyn God #notoriousbig#suicidalthoughts