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Isaac Carty (@isaacccarty) Instagram Profile Photoisaacccarty

Isaac Carty


Repost from @natgeo Photo by @FransLanting “Califo 1671202413626954761

Repost from @natgeoPhoto by @franslanting“California Burning” One of the largest wildfires in California’s history is raging through the rugged coastal mountains near Santa Barbara. The other night the hills looked like a scene from the apocalypse as the flameswere encroaching upon scores of homes on the outskirts of town. Thousands of firefighters from all over the American West are combating the blaze in a massive operation that is as impressive as the fire itself. California is used to wildfires, but the ferocity and the magnitude of recent outbreaks is rattling people. These are megafires. Governor Jerry Brown calls them part of the “New Normal,” as the state is adapting to the consequences of climate change. Our local firefighters are heroes when it comes to battling the flames, but we need a global force to address the root causes of the inferno that will impact all of us. Check the hashtags below to learn how you can engage. Follow me @franslantingfor more stories about a planet under pressure.@natgeocreative@thephotosociety@christineeckstrom#california#wildfire#climatechange#climatereality#stopclimatechange#leonardodicaprio

△ S T R △ Y P R O J E C T (@a.strayproject) Instagram Profile Photoa.strayproject

△ S T R △ Y P R O J E C T


One of the problems I’m battling with is learning1671202043211274813

One of the problems I’m battling with is learning to get out of analysis paralysis. It’s literally the worst!Though it may seem like I haven’t gotten too far, the feels of progress are beginning to resonate!



Glimpse of our project ‘Mitigation of Shock’ which takes the form of an apartment in London from around 2050. Once a comfortable living space designed for a world of automated living, global trade and material abundance, the apartment has been adapted to a future it was never meant to inhabit. Amongst the detritus of now obsolete smart devices and designer goods, lives a new reality formed by the impact of climate change. Experimental food production ‘stacks’ have transformed the apartment into a space for growing and producing food.We spent the last year inventing, prototyping and building a series of food computers from cheap, accessible materials, using the technique of fogponics. And they are all alive and working, producing food in this (speculative, but real) home. If you happen to visit Barcelona, do go and check out our work @cccb_barcelona.#climatechange#fogponics#anthropocene#climacccb#food#growing#aftertheendoftheworld

You eat helpless children. Are you fucked in the h 1671201404141881878

You eat helpless children. Are you fucked in the head?RepostBy @earthlove777 : "Rp @angiehocklyYes They are alive!Yes They are babies!Yes They are in pain!Yes They are waiting for help that wont come!Yes This is so people can have their ritualistic christmas dinners... #govegan#lambchops#climatechange#saltbae#dietitian#chailatte#milktea#bmwlife#ilovelondon#praisethelord#pumpkinspice#tocino#cancer#turkeysandwhich#ilovenyc#heavenonearth#nutritionist#edm#guggenheim#thankafarmer#leftovers#chickenandwaffles#meatlover#iloveparis#metoo#sweaterweather#proteina#donttakeourplanetforgranted " (via #instarepost@appskottage )

taylor Heussner (@tayheu) Instagram Profile Phototayheu

taylor Heussner

We had to drive more than an hour into the mountai 1671201040101282610

We had to drive more than an hour into the mountains to reach snow. Mother Earth, how can we help you cool down today?---#thoughts#climatechange#rockies#winter#colorado

Christina González (@ghost_ina) Instagram Profile Photoghost_ina

Christina González

How to give a shit about #climatechange