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SonicScoop (@_sonicscoop) Instagram Profile Photo_sonicscoop


What’s @UnderworldMovie composer’s secret to stand 1672705292151770194

What’s @underworldmoviecomposer’s secret to standout strings? 3 studio insights from film, TV & videogame specialist @michael_wandmacherwill have you sounding outstanding, moving faster. See the article on SonicScoop!

Monika Szostak (@gem_ini.95) Instagram Profile Photogem_ini.95

Monika Szostak

"Wiesz..już tacy jesteśmy,że robimy wszystko i nic 1672803564282711388

"Wiesz..już tacy jesteśmy,że robimy wszystko i nic, by jak najmniej ucierpieć.." #composing#acoustic#lovemusic#mywholeworld#myeverything#bestgiftfromgod