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Softlens X2 NOBLUK SPATAX (@dearlens_id) Instagram Profile Photo dearlens_id


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Geo Eyescream - IDR 115.000 Plano & Minus (0.0 s/d -6.0) Color: Choco Mousse, Vanilla Brown, & Rayray Gray Dia: 14.5mm Water: 42% Life Span: 1 Year Supplies More info&order👇 📲LINE: @rtr0766b (pakai @)/Klik link pd bio 📲WA: 085860060198 #eos

✂︎戸梶翔太 / 武蔵小杉美容室 / GARDEN (@tototokaji) Instagram Profile Photo tototokaji

✂︎戸梶翔太 / 武蔵小杉美容室 / GARDEN

. . トリートメントを閉じ込めながら施術する縮毛矯正✂︎✂︎ ぴんぴんに伸び過ぎる事なく自然な仕上がりです . 水分を蒸発させない特殊なストレートアイロンで施術しています✨ . . #EOS

image by KimTraverso (@illuminateyourhealth) with caption : "Tomorrow is the last day to enroll in our online course Mind Body Glow. This is a cleanse that’s designed for you to thr" - 1695315933806300158
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Tomorrow is the last day to enroll in our online course Mind Body Glow. This is a cleanse that’s designed for you to thrive in your mind and body. The mind body connection is everything for creating a vibrant life, manifesting your desired state + way of living, feeling clear, confident and energized. . . This is a whole foods based online cleanse for the body (10 days) and then from this clear space we devote the rest of the course to letting go of blocks and fears that prevent you from stepping into the woman you’re here to be and how to live out your highest vision. We’ll be incorporating the purest and most potent essential oils throughout the entire course for cleansing the body, getting the most restful sleep to allow our body to repair, glowing skin, optimal digestion, hormone support, raising our vibration to become an energetic match for what we want and so much more. The cost of the Home Essentials kit (top 10 oils + diffuser) is the cost of the course, which in my opinion is amazing because you’ll have the tools that you will need. . . Some of the other bonuses include guided meditations, weekly affirmations, and powerful journaling exercises to release your blocks and stuck energy that’s lives in the body. For example, Did you know that if there’s certain experiences or beliefs that you have trouble “digesting” it can show up physically in the body as digestive issues? We will discover where this stuck energy lives so you can release it. You will be given all the practices and tools to become a powerful attractor, allow what you want to come to you with ease and how to lift your energy and mood so you can stay in that high vibe state because . All of the bonuses, testimonials, details of each week, and how to enroll are in the comments in my bio under “Mind Body Glow”. We would be honored to guide you on this empowering journey of stepping into your highest Self! We have 2 spots left. Who’s ready to claim theirs? 😘✨🌸