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Roxanne (@_rox_08) Instagram Profile Photo _rox_08



image by Roxanne (@_rox_08) with caption : "Passed my 6th and final module of my Certificate of Advanced Veterinary Practice CertAVP 😁🍾 #certificate #certavp #rcvs " - 1693953349365614789
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Passed my 6th and final module of my Certificate of Advanced Veterinary Practice CertAVP 😁🍾 #equinereproduction

JC Reprodução Equina (@jcreproequi) Instagram Profile Photo jcreproequi

JC Reprodução Equina


image by JC Reprodução Equina (@jcreproequi) with caption : "Aquele final de tarde! 🐴💗🌿🌞🌡 #reproducaoequina  #equinereproduction #potros #transferenciadeembriao #embryotransfer #IA " - 1693811387653311893
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Aquele final de tarde! 🐴💗🌿🌞🌡 #equinereproduction

Eldon Kochel (@kochelcrayman) Instagram Profile Photo kochelcrayman

Eldon Kochel

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This semester, which is my last here at BYU Idaho. I will be doing an independent research practicum. For this I will be pulling embryos from my mare River and placing them into my two recipient mares, Magma, and Penelope. River is due to foal the end of February and after she does the real fun begins. I'll keep you posted! #equinereproduction

Guilherme Couto (@gui_couto) Instagram Profile Photo gui_couto

Guilherme Couto

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A foggy morning over here!!! 🐎🐎🐎 #equinereproduction

nandogomez85 (@nandogomez85) Instagram Profile Photo nandogomez85


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Otro objetivo cumplido de CARUSO de las Indias. Pesebrera Las Indias: servicio de pesebreras, manejo de reproductores, central de receptoras, asistencia reproductiva para yeguas. #equinereproduction

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Horses, horses, horses. Favorite breed? All of them. How could I just choose one? I’m also partial to ponies. Probably because I rode a lot of them as a kid, a bay named Blueberry, a paint named Apache, and a sorrel named Pixie. Coming back to school to study equine science for a second bachelor’s degree, I’ve also learned to appreciate their unique digestive tracts and differences in reproduction. For example, the fertilized equine embryo must migrate around the uterus and uterine horns for about 16 days after ovulation. It is believed that the embryo is efficiently using uterine nutrients, but it is also signaling to the mare’s body that she’s pregnant. This ‘maternal recognition of pregnancy’ is not a conscious effort, but instead a series of chemical and hormonal feedbacks that signals there is a viable pregnancy. The video is a pony grazing on Assateague Island National Seashore. #equinereproduction