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I San Xez (@isanxez) Instagram Profile Photo isanxez

I San Xez

image by I San Xez (@isanxez) with caption : "Para comenzar el día, siempre un buen café. #coffee #cafe #wood #madera #table #mesa #feet #pies" - 1695148121926878338
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Para comenzar el día, siempre un buen café. #feet

image by @playingwithfeet with caption : "Say hello to the beautiful feet of @ifonlyandthen <--- go follow this beauty now.
#playingwithfeet #footfetishnation #se"- 1695148014191334871
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Say hello to the beautiful feet of @ifonlyandthen

Francesca Golfetto (@chiccayoga) Instagram Profile Photo chiccayoga

Francesca Golfetto

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LOVE YOUR FEET!!!💖😋 By having been on my tippy toes most of my life.. I did really learn the importance of taking care of my feet. I now live bare feet most of the time and tend to forget... Here a few reminders for me and you!! Hope you’ll give it a try and let me know how it goes!!😉🙏🏻😘 1- massage them! Any tennis ball of golf ball (a little more intense) will do. Releasing the plant of the feet will help detoxification, improves circulation and destresses the entire body. 2- Intrinsic exercises: get in contact the small muscles in the feet to prevent injuries caused by excessive strain on the joint and ligaments of the foot. (Imagine you’re grabbing sand with your toes..😉) 3- Engage the arch of the foot. Lift it up and release it a few times. You can also try to only life the big toe without moving the rest of the toes and foot. 4+5- Ankle and toes stretch: tightness in the foot, ankle and calf leads to subtle changes in foot position and how we transfer the weight through the foot which can lead to a whole lot of foot problems!!! . . #feet