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Sukhjinder Samra (@samrafit) Instagram Profile Photo samrafit

Sukhjinder Samra

I was feeling really good this workout so I decided to go for a few rep PRs instead of testing 1 rep maxes Squats 310lbs x 3 Overhead Press 130lbs x 7 (Rep PR) 135lbs x 7 Rep PR) Close grip Bench Press 225lbs x 6 paused (Rep PR) Chest Supported Row 135lbs x 9 It's felt like my progress has been stuck for a while now and just recently after months of patiently working on getting stronger and sticking to my workouts instead of forcing myself to lift heavy all the time, I finally feel like I have overcome this plateau and have started to progress again. The lesson I learned from these past few months is to be patient and keep doing what you need to do to get better no matter how long it takes because the end result will surprise you.

Yasmin Elizabeth🇭🇳🇨🇱 (@yasmin_e_fit) Instagram Profile Photo yasmin_e_fit

Yasmin Elizabeth🇭🇳🇨🇱

She is focused on self growth, Business growth And Booty growth🍑😜. #fitnessmotivation

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Well sometimes we get caught by surprise by a mad person, what's cool about self defense is turning the tables on your attacker! Hope you enjoy red choke with knife defense:) system motivation defense

image by Carrie Lynn (@legendary_carrie) with caption : "This morning I was severely disappointed when I stepped on the scale for the first time in two weeks and saw that the nu" - 1694017669521214856
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This morning I was severely disappointed when I stepped on the scale for the first time in two weeks and saw that the numbers hadn’t gone anywhere- it was a good thing because that means they hadn’t increased, but bad because they hadn’t decreased either. Halfway through my hour-long commute I finally stopped berating myself for the bowls of noodles and scoop of ice cream I had this weekend and decided to list the reasons why I started this journey in the first place. This didn’t take long at all, as I looked in the rear view mirror and said the only thing I needed to say: because I’m worth it. Repeating this to myself throughout the day was extremely helpful, seeing as how some kind soul decided to be generous and buy the entire office donuts- the devil is alive, amirite?? When I got home tonight, I decided to sit down and scroll through old pictures to reestablish some motivation, and before I knew it, I was all the way back in April at our Vegas trip album. I remember the exact day this picture on the top was taken. It was a regular, typically hot desert day, and we decided to walk the strip. I remember sweating profusely, and barely being able to walk from hotel to hotel without feeling exhausted and out of breath. Apart from that, my 26-year-old body had me feeling more like an 80-year-old, and by the end of it I was too tired to do anything else. Fast forward to now where few days ago I achieved a new personal record for a mile- a feat that the old me would have never thought possible, and that dress that I’m wearing in the picture- which I could barely zip up- was just tossed aside for the GoodWill pile because it’s way too big. This is the exact motivation that I needed today. I realize that my journey is far from over, and that there is bound to be more difficult days, and while it’s nice to see the values on the scale decreasing, it doesn’t define your progress- sometimes progress is just saying “no” to the dozen donuts sitting on the lunchroom table instead of devouring every last crumb like the old you would’ve done 😂 motivation

Flatout Apparel ™ (@flatoutapparel) Instagram Profile Photo flatoutapparel

Flatout Apparel ™

image by Flatout Apparel ™ (@flatoutapparel) with caption : "Stay Tuned For New & Exciting Product Drops Coming Shortly!! The Hustle Never Stops! 🔥💯
#FlatoutApparel #supportlocal •
" - 1694666359571853901
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Stay Tuned For New & Exciting Product Drops Coming Shortly!! The Hustle Never Stops! 🔥💯 • • • • • • motivation

image by AIMEE HENNIGH (@amhstrongmindbody) with caption : "When you read my posts do you think, well good for you, you did that workout but there’s no way in hell I could do it?! " - 1694666556166845320
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When you read my posts do you think, well good for you, you did that workout but there’s no way in hell I could do it?! Picture me a few years ago. Some of you can attest to this. Cassie Larson being the first person that comes to my mind. She invited me to do some CrossFit moves after work 2 or 3x a week at the school. I’d always TRIED working out with Shane a few different times to go as long as about a month before I quit but this time, even with having Cassie and another teacher friend as support, and a baby tummy from Aybree that I wanted to lose I think I only last about 2 workouts. Maybe one. I know no more than 2! Haha! 🤦🏽‍♀️ I hated working out. I just did. I can’t really say that I like working out now. Honestly I think the ONLY reason that I’ve gotten so heavily into this is because there was one thing I wanted to change: me. Not even physically necessarily although I def wanted that too but man, staying home in a new state with no friends was lonely. Being a mom in general has always been hard on me bc it’s hard giving up ALL of you. I’m a little selfish I guess in that way, and even though I still feel the guilt of doing for me, transitioning to being a mom and having NOTHING for me made me angry and almost in a sense resentful even though I know that’s what moms do. So I started this. I didn’t know it would lead to where I am. I didn’t even know if I’d stick with it like every other time. Somehow I did. 👍 I needed something for me to make me feel better. Now I feel like it’s not as hard to give to my kids bc I’ve made myself a human again. 😬 Am I the only one that feels this way sometimes? If you’re interested in learning more about how Challenge groups can help you not feel so isolated or empty, check out the link in the comments. I’ll let you have a two day sneak peek into what my challenge group looks like and how supportive and encouraging we all are in every aspect of life, not just fitness related. motivation

Shawn Megira (@shawn_megira) Instagram Profile Photo shawn_megira

Shawn Megira

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Learned how to do muscle ups less than a week ago and now I can’t stop doing them😂 motivation