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quinelsousa (@quinelsousa) Instagram Profile Photo quinelsousa



image by quinelsousa (@quinelsousa) with caption : "Vw Golf I GTI 👌#vw #vwgti #gti #golf #golfgti #stance #oldschool #whitecar #perfect" - 1697579892159689035
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Drew Rosier (@illustdrew) Instagram Profile Photo illustdrew

Drew Rosier


Adam Juhasz (@misterjuhasz) Instagram Profile Photo misterjuhasz

Adam Juhasz

image by Adam Juhasz (@misterjuhasz) with caption : "Lipstick." - 1697572973127790142
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Armin DeFiesta | RED SS (@armindefiesta) Instagram Profile Photo armindefiesta

Armin DeFiesta | RED SS

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@denise_of_the_party flooding the engine bay! 😲 New video is up, link in bio!

golf_fancyman (@golf_fancyman) Instagram Profile Photo golf_fancyman


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📷 Credit: @shkeengolf @andrewricegolf showcasing same club, same distance, but 3 different trajectories 🏆 Lowest on the left, highest on the right... Notice the difference in setup, ball position, swing length, tempo, club interaction with the ground, etc. More leading edge and shaft lean on the lower shot. More bounce, less lean on the higher one 👍

Annalea De Luca (@gemmathegti) Instagram Profile Photo gemmathegti

Annalea De Luca

Instagram Image by Annalea De Luca (@gemmathegti) with caption : "#ispywithmylittleeye 👁
So lucky to be in the Bay Area and surrounded with these canyon roads ————————————————
#volkswage" at Mount Umunhum - 1697563346368670647
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👁 So lucky to be in the Bay Area and surrounded with these canyon roads ———————————————— gti