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Haven't had a good stretch session in awhile. I've lacked time and motivation. Back at it again though. Feels good. 💪 ics

Lisa Ebrahim 🇦🇺 (@lisa_mynx_poledancer) Instagram Profile Photo lisa_mynx_poledancer

Lisa Ebrahim 🇦🇺

image by Lisa Ebrahim 🇦🇺 (@lisa_mynx_poledancer) with caption : "Because everyone loves a good spreadie shot! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Image by @murray.ep" - 1695215644632794861
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Because everyone loves a good spreadie shot! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 . . Image by @murray.ep

Aphobos CrossFit (@aphoboscrossfit) Instagram Profile Photo aphoboscrossfit

Aphobos CrossFit

A great video to show how a wall climb maintaining a hollow position should be performed. We often see compromise in this movement as people shuffle weight through their hips and lower core and walk the wall without pushing through the shoulders and keep a tight shape throughout. Thanks @cfgymnastics #gymnastics @cfgymnastics with @get_repost ・・・ | HOLLOWWWWW WEEK | ................. 🔹” Dynamic” Hollow ................. ▪️Are you able to maintain a solid hollow hold - staying active and stacked - while moving through space? ▪️This is such an important part of training #gymnastics skills. Why? As you move through space in various skills your ability to maintain body position & awareness will help you succeed when applying technique ................. 🔺Shown in video ▪️As I walk up the wall and over the plates - I maintain the same position no matter where and what I move over/up towards. ................. 🔺Try videoing yourself to see if you like or close shoulders or lose that stacked position in your back (so you end up arching?) ................. Demo’d by @pamelagnon ▪️Want to work with us on all things ? Join a weekend course! For athletes & coaches at all levels ▪️INFO: TRAINING.CROSSFIT.COM/GYMNASTICS -------------------------- @crossfittraining