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Linfeng Li (@braddahli) Instagram Profile Photobraddahli

Linfeng Li


Daily Dosage - Motivation MondayDon't lose the in 1672293354372565575

Daily Dosage - Motivation MondayDon't lose the inner peace in this hustle and bustle city#dailydosage#motivationmonday#innerpeace#hustleandbustle#huaihairoad#shanghai#nightview#citylight#longexposure

Nicole Canovas (@littlelotusinbloom) Instagram Profile Photolittlelotusinbloom

Nicole Canovas


How I feel after completing @colleensaidman’s #why 1672292781814692346

How I feel after completing @colleensaidman ’s #whywaitchallengelike all the lights on the tree are in ME! Including the star! ⭐️..#namaste#yoga#light#love#selflove#innerpeace

Sethu Nazeer (@caged_catharsis) Instagram Profile Photocaged_catharsis

Sethu Nazeer


Soul Evolution San Diego (@soulevolutionsandiego) Instagram Profile Photosoulevolutionsandiego

Soul Evolution San Diego

Could this quote be any more perfect? - Aristotle1672287331442262083

Could this quote be any more perfect? - Aristotle_Without energy in our mind, what actions can we perform? Without actions in our life, how can we enjoy life? Life is about how we live, love, move, and think. Without the energy of our mind how worthwhile is our life?_Take time to give your mind a little energy this holiday season. Our calendars always seem to fill up a little more around this time of the year, so make sure to spend a few minutes for yourself too._• Schedule in a date night with yourself• Work on a passion project• Go for a walk• Schedule a relaxing Reiki session• Call an old friend• Read or journal• Try a new recipe (hopefully one more on the healthier side)• Meditate• Soak in the tub (check out our last post with an awesome bath soak recipe)!_There are endless choices to help energize your mind this holiday season. Happy Holidays!

Happy Birthday to my darling and daring sister! I’m so proud of you. I miss those summers where you’d kiss me all over my face and I’d run from you. Now I count the days until I can feel your lips pressed against my face. From playing ball in the park with dad & our brother to “play fighting”. You were everything I didn’t know I needed. You teach me how to be a better sister everyday. We pray together just about every night. I still interpret all of your dreams. We graduated together this summer but I know God has promoted us on so many levels. I’m so glad you always reached out to me even when I was so hard to catch. You’re my best friend, you’re my big sister Angie. We don’t just share a last name, we share one heart. It doesn’t matter where you travel across the globe, you’ll always be everywhere that I am. I pray God continues to bless you. You’re so brilliant and beautiful. God is doing amazing things and I’m just so honored to have a front seat to pray for you through it all. Happy Birthday sissy, it’s your day. & can I say shout out to the glow up because we were something| today is your day just as every other. I love you, may you only get greater. Thank you for choosing me. ️

Sixth Chakra Fitness (@sixthchakrafitness) Instagram Profile Photosixthchakrafitness

Sixth Chakra Fitness