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Today I didn’t make it to work. Yesterday was emot 1672637072995745063

Today I didn’t make it to work. Yesterday was emotional and My body stopped working. I was in bed by 7pm then this morning I felt terrible throat kills body aches and I had what I wish was morning sickness but no just sickness! My fur baby slept with me all morning and this afternoon I’ve watch Christmas shite on amazon prime. This journey is hard and my body is struggling but I’ve got this. #ivfjourney#ivfwarrioroh on a positive I can finally open the champagne this Christmas! Last Christmas I was down reging then stimming so avoid most of the festive bubbles! Not this year!!!

La Jolla IVF (@lajollaivf) Instagram Profile Photolajollaivf

La Jolla IVF

This little cherub is only 2 months old--a very he 1672635682307538810

This little cherub is only 2 months old--a very healthy and happy young lady that just loved Dr. Smotrich.Thank you to her wonderful parents for allowing us to share " little Miss Happiness" #lajollaivf#ivf#ivfjourney#ivfsuccess#ivfworks#surrogate#surrogacy#surrogacyrocks#eggdonor#eggdonation#ivffamily#nevergiveup#infertility#gaysurrogacy#infertilitysucks

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Brittany & Nathan


This time of year is always especially difficult for me. Every year I plan how I’m going to tell my family I’m pregnant at Christmas. I’ve been planning it for 4 years and instead of me getting to tell my family, I get to watch everyone else tell their families. It’s hard. I feel like everyone I know is pregnant and I just want that. I want the morning sickness, and fatigue, and baby kicks. I want to see the joy on my parents faces as I tell them I’m pregnant after 4 years of waiting. I want to be able to do it naturally and not through a medical procedure. I don’t want to wait another 5-6 years until we can afford IVF. I just want to be a mom. Why don’t I deserve that? What did I do? I just want... and I feel so close to just giving up. I’m so tired of being heartbroken. My dad once asked me when talking about why I’m upset when people announce their pregnancies, “what are they doing that upsets you?” And I felt like a child when I answered, “they’re pregnant. They have what I want and it was so easy for them. They didn’t have to work for it and I want that.” I want easy. But it’s not easy and I’m bitter. I’m scared more than anything. What if we do IVF and it doesn’t work? I love this time of year but I also hate it.....In other news my husband and I celebrated our 5th year of marriage over the weekend. It’s the 21st but next weekend is way to busy with Christmas. We went to our first hockey game with the KC Mavericks. And I think we’re kind of addicted now. We’ve always loved hockey but never been to a game and we’re both full fledged involved now. Like considering season tickets and all that. So it was a blast. Now I’m finishing some last minute Christmas shopping and I’ll hopefully be done#infertility#infertilitysucks#infertilitysupport#infertilityjourney#ivf#ivfjourney#iui#iuijourney#ttc#ttccommunity#ttcsisters#ttcjourney#hockey#christmas#1in8couplesbattleinfertility#1in8

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There will be no brother---------When Lukyan was 1672630768729827156

There will be no brother---------When Lukyan was just a little over his first birthday, as a complete surprise to us we made a decision to move from London to Cologne. When Lukyan was a little older than three, already pre-planned we moved to Saint Petersburg. When Lukyan was almost five, yet again, and just as turbulently, we moved to Riga.Lukyan was growing up. He kept outgrowing his clothes. Toys were replaced with new ones. Furniture had been adapted according to age. And everything which he continued to grow out of was carefully packed, moved along with us to a new country, and stored away.For the first couple of years, there was no mentioning of a 'little brother'. Lukyan played a magnificent role of replacing a bunch of little brothers and sisters. Time passed and we started to talk. We decided that, yes, we want a big family, and that 'a little brother' should be a good idea. And a little sister, too. But not now. Let's just deal with this thing here first, and then do that thing there. And then we can try for that 'little brother' and then maybe another. And another. Well, you never know.We resolved some problems here, and dealt with some issues there. Problems kept piling on, list of 'things to do' just kept on adding. Lukyan's question about a little brother came with an accelerating frequency. We waited no longer.Three more years had passed. We learnt a lot. Knowledge of questionable necessity. We learnt everything about IUI and ICSI. Studied human anatomy inside out. Taught ourselves not to take it to heart in case of a failure and to carry on. And we did carry on. And we did take it to heart.But the crucial thing we learnt was to see new life as a miracle. Not just something granted, but a true miracle. And success. And victory.Lukyan's things are still in the storage room, but already FOR SALE.#begemotfoto#ivf#al_lapkovsky#photography#ivfjourney#ivfpregnancy#ivffail#ivffailure#adoption#pregnant#ivfbaby#therewillbenobrother#lifeisamiracle#art#photographer#personalproject#familyovereverything#family#riga#latvia#storytelling#allisgood#picoftheday#retouching#portraitphotography#socialadvertising#selfportrait

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Happy Monday! Monday’s are always filled with a tiny bit of Sunday blues. Missing my hot chocolate dates with these two ️ We drink hot chocolate while Kennedy stirs her imaginary hot chocolate with a stirring stick and an empty cup. She looks so cute doing it tooI can’t believe Christmas will be here soon! I love this time of the year and don’t want it to end.Link for the cool hook we are using in this photo is on our story and in our bio. I am a germaphobe so this purse/backpack hook is a lifesaver....@kuyou.sports#skiphop#ivfjourney#herbunmyoven#hereggmynest#aheadofthecurve#thebump#ig_motherhood#thatsdarling#motherhoodrising#momtogs#babylistbabes#uniteinmotherhood#momsquared#lesbianmommies#thenextfamily#teamtwomoms#lesbianfamily#femmetribe#mrsandmrs#samesexfamily#loveislove#somefamilies

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