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Rose Rattiya (@rattiya_rose) Instagram Profile Photo rattiya_rose

Rose Rattiya

Instagram Image by Rose Rattiya (@rattiya_rose) with caption : "My good time #kfc" at Big C Extar บางใหญ่ - 1696927139061861752

My good time #kfc

image by Yuya (@djyuya513) with caption : "いきなりステーキかケンタッキーがどうしても食べたくてケンタッキーにした、幸せ:) #kfc #ケンタッキー #meat #eat #yummy #美味しい #chicken #like4like #tagsforlikes #instago" - 1696925742636866823
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いきなりステーキかケンタッキーがどうしても食べたくてケンタッキーにした、幸せ:) #kfc

Tesoro Class Of 2034 (@balsamic.memes) Instagram Profile Photo balsamic.memes

Tesoro Class Of 2034

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I love this meme ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Follow @balsamic.memes for more ~ ~ ~ ~ Push notifications lmao ____________________________________________ #kfc

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@suzanne_nigels with @get_repost ・・・ Do you pay for this to happen? If you eat animals then yea you do.. be fair.. what if it were you.. @Regrann from @true2myrootz417 @shes.a.vegan - @Regranned from @belinda_vegan - Please read 👉Nothing could have prepared me for what he told me. The truth didn't make any sense, but that wasn't the problem. The problem is that, what humans do to beautiful cows and their babies is absolutely horrifying, and unforgivable. "Very strange this is going to sound to you, Benjamin, as indeed very strange it is, and utterly irrational", Rigodon said, warning me about what was to come. Humans drink cow's maternal milk, and they also use it to create many other products that they eat, cheese, yogurt and ice cream. Rigdon's expression was of deep sadness tinged with anger, "Evil things, Benjamin, truly evil". _ That how come cows have so much milk in them that humans get it to do these things? Just then, as I asked this question, I wondered about their babies. If humans are drinking their maternal milk, what happens to their babies? Do they still get all they need? It was just too weird and ridiculous to visualize humans drinking cow's maternal milk at the same time as the cows babies. It didn't make any sense. It was bizarre to me. _ After taking the milk out of the mother cows, what's happens to them? Do they let them go? My words would not do justice to the truth. The whole truth, I will show you._- Excerpt: Run, Little Benjamin Run! @foxibanez (and now I have shown you, this is the fate of the dairy cow that can no longer produce milk. This is the fate of the male calf who is of no use to the dairy industry.) _ Caption Video @earthlingmcginn Stop the madness! Embrace veganism! ➡️⬅️ ➡️⬅️ _ #kfc -

PURE MIX UP (@puremixup) Instagram Profile Photo puremixup


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Hey looking for a photographer or videographer for next dinner or birthday party we provide hundred percent clean quality pictures what's app 18763730101 or dm @puremixup for more info #kfc

dinda sunur (@dinda_sunur) Instagram Profile Photo dinda_sunur

dinda sunur

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Bay Area Foodie🍡 (@ms_cassie_eats_alot) Instagram Profile Photo ms_cassie_eats_alot

Bay Area Foodie🍡