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Jacqueline Rizk (@elegantalchemy) Instagram Profile Photoelegantalchemy

Jacqueline Rizk


Elegant easeful holiday tip #11⠀⠀"No" is a compl 1671091663794593657

Elegant easeful holiday tip #11 ⠀⠀"No" is a complete sentence.⠀⠀Just say 'no'. No further explanation is required or should be offered and get over the thought that you are being rude.You aren't.You are being clear.⠀⠀Think about what it’s like to be on the receiving end of a wishy-washy person. I don't know about you but I find it annoying! Wouldn’t you rather they be honest with you? ⠀⠀90% of communication is nonverbal.⠀⠀By beating around the bush or offering unnecessary explanations you’re not actually changing the message. ⠀⠀No is a complete sentence and acceptable answer to any request. ⠀⠀If you feel the need to pretty it up you can simply say “No, thank you.” ⠀⠀Clarity is power!

VsualMotivation (@vsualmotivation) Instagram Profile Photovsualmotivation



WAVE A WAND GIFTS (@waveawand) Instagram Profile Photowaveawand



Meet the High Priestess Card from my deck the #dev 1671091379553793706

Meet the High Priestess Card from my deck the #deviantmoontarot .The High Priestess is a Major Arcana, or "trump" card, that represents human wisdom. The High Priestess can be viewed as a kind of female Pope (a Papess), or the ancient Egyptian Priestess of Isis, the even more ancient snake and bird goddesses, the Greek goddess Persephone, or Eve, before the fall.•For the accused heretics who were burnt at the stake for revering her in the 14th and 15th century, the Priestess symbolized the prophecy of the return of the Holy Spirit, which was perceived as the female aspect of the Holy Trinity.•In terms of the Major Arcana ordering of cards, The High Priestess appears in the sequence as soon as the Fool decides he wants to develop his innate powers, making a move toward becoming a Magician. The High Priestess is his first teacher, representing the inner life and the method for contacting it, as well as the contemplative study of nature and spiritual mystery.•IN THE ADVICE POSITION :Put self-cultivation at the top of your daily priority list. The card in the Advice position suggests a course of action which will harmonize what you want with what is currently possible. — The High Priestess advises you to adhere to your chosen spiritual practice on a more regular basis. If you want the benefits of evolution, you'll have to cooperate with spirit. We all have distractions, demands -- a whole life full of reasons why we cannot find the time to retreat into our inner sanctum. — Until you consider this as vital to your well-being as the need to eat and sleep, you are likely to be eternally restless and deeply dissatisfied.Ready for a #tarotreadingof your own? Click the #linkinbio

Sandie Sunshine (@sandiesunshine11) Instagram Profile Photosandiesunshine11

Sandie Sunshine

Feeling #blessed and very #grateful I have so much 1671090697669126815

Feeling #blessedand very #gratefulI have so much to appreciate and feel grateful for, I have children who love me, I have 4 gorgeous grandchildren, I have a wonderful loving man, I have a beautiful home, I have the strength to stay on my #ketolifestyleto achieve my physical body goals, I have a powerful mind, I have a sweet soul which I intend to tap into so much every day to expand all the sweetness in my life with ease and grace I intend to magnify feelings of grace, love, ecstasy and bliss in my life each day in every way. #theuniversehears#lawofattraction#ifeelitintoexistence#ispeakitintoexistence#ithinkitintoexistenceUniverse you are such a beautiful co~operative partner in my life and together #insynchand in beautiful sweet graceful #focuswe are co-creating bliss ~ love ~ bliss ~ love ~ and pure high vibrational ecstasy. Thank youI LOVE YOU, it is done and so it is

Instagram 4 Naija Enterprenurs (@naijabrandchick) Instagram Profile Photonaijabrandchick

Instagram 4 Naija Enterprenurs

YESS THE REPLAY IS UP FOR PURCHASE.... Last night1671089703980791577
Lagos StateReportShareDownload316

YESS THE REPLAY IS UP FOR PURCHASE.... Last night was too Litt biko!!! From 9:30pm till 1:45am .... Very practical... easily explained class. If you paid but could not go live, no wahala, check your email, the replay has been sent to you. If you want to make a purchase please click the link in bio .... TRUST ME ITS EVERYTHING PLUS JARA...Who was in class... without giving anything out! How do you feel ....PS: I am just waking up... it was very needed

Hendrilita Joshua (@blacc_lotus_soul_survivor) Instagram Profile Photoblacc_lotus_soul_survivor

Hendrilita Joshua

@Regranned from @positive_vibe_tribe -Via @thepo 1671090270379695345

@regrannedfrom @positive_vibe_tribe-Via @thepoweroftantra——————————————————————————— With the ancient science of Numerology you can find out accurate and revealing information just from your name and birth date.Get your FREE numerology reading and learn more about how you can use numerology in your life to find out more about your path and journey.Click the bio link.@positive_vibe_tribe@positive_vibe_tribe@positive_vibe_tribe 

Entreprenuer | Visionary (@mslinamaria) Instagram Profile Photomslinamaria

Entreprenuer | Visionary

Stay focused QueenGood morning, say it back! 1671084242349886298

Stay focused QueenGood morning, say it back!