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Sophie Adams Ballet Company (@sophieadamsballetco) Instagram Profile Photosophieadamsballetco

Sophie Adams Ballet Company


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Professional LED Suits

Fully-controlled LED costumes for ballet dancers1669646899642234725

Fully-controlled LED costumes for ballet dancersIn this video, the costumes are managed through a computer using the Madrix program. This is the perfect solution for a great team!Each suit is controlled separately, as well as each LED on the suit.Visual effects are matched to music and switched at the right time.Suits are light, comfortable and absolutely do not interfere with the dancer. Power supply and control system in the size of two matchboxes, it is not felt and does not weight the suit.If you are a solo dancer, and you do not need computer control, or on stage there is no control over Wi-Fi - the costumes easily switch to Stand Alone. Which means that the dancers will switch the effects by using the button on the suit.For more convenience, now we are testing the system of recording effects on the timeline, so that it would be even easier for you to work with our costumesBallerinas: @prime_show_balletVideomaker: @gorechikLocation: