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Yanmei.Plush.Funko.Tsum (@yanmei.plush.funko.tsum) Instagram Profile Photoyanmei.plush.funko.tsum



Well well well after thinking about it yesterday e 1670391247280788574

Well well well after thinking about it yesterday evening and this morning, here are my thoughts : #starwarsthelastjediis a rather good movie but NOT a good #starwarsmovie. BEWARE OF SPOILERS:Really too much humour that’s ruining the emotions, too much gags which sometimes work and sometimes don’t, but ruin the credibility. The force is used to fill the holes in the scenario, how convenient, every time the situation is a bit complicated, well The Force fixes everything !I’m not a fan of the work of the director on that movie, that’s my personal opinion but sometimes it didn’t feel like Star Wars anymore, some scenes looked like Matrix or Harry Potter or Marvel’s movie but not SW, so that the movie has lost his identity. New characters like the thief are not all very useful or well developed, they’re used as fillers too. No cliffhanger at the end ??? Love triangles ??? No explanation about Snoke’s background ? And this little about Rey’s background ? And Phasma ? No development either ? To me, some ridiculous scenes ruined it all (spoilers) : Luke throwing the lightsaber, Leïa coming back from outer space, kylo Ren and Rey FaceTiming using the force, Yoda laughing like a kid and burning stuffs like he’s here and well alive, Snoke dying so easily, Kylo Ren wanting to be good then bad then good then bad and maybe liking Rey 🤮, Love triangle between Finn, Rose and Finn 🤯, the completely useless thief code breaker ? When they’re riding old ships at the end, with open cockpits, no wind at all in their hair ? Like brushing fixed perfectly, come on ?? Well, there’s also some stuffs I liked : the cute creatures and cute robots, old and new, funny and sweet. The red salty planet, very very beautiful. Of course the visual effects were amazing. What are your opinions guys ? I’d like to know ! #starwarsthelastjedi#thelastjedi#starwars#starwars8#starwarsmovie#bb8#rey#finn#poedameron#kyloren#lukeskywalker#leiaorgana#leiaskywalker#benskywalker#yoda#masteryoda#chewbacca

Dharmesh Dayabhai (@dharma80) Instagram Profile Photodharma80

Dharmesh Dayabhai



#starwars:) you know it’s #christmaswhen.

jedimaster seller & collector (@starwars.exclusives) Instagram Profile Photostarwars.exclusives

jedimaster seller & collector


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SPACEdrip Clothing




˗ˏˋamelia - t - aliciaˎˊ˗ (@linctavia.heda) Instagram Profile Photolinctavia.heda

˗ˏˋamelia - t - aliciaˎˊ˗

This is bad but they aren’tac omamxridt @lisseyj 1670389271067642167

This is bad but they aren’tac omamxridt @lisseyjjI get to see my children again soon I’m so hshshdhr- amelia

Luke Skywalker and little porg painting finished!1670391388686397733

Luke Skywalker and little porg painting finished! - My part in day 6 of @saul_draws' #thelastjedidrawing series (Go follow!) Now to resume spiderman coloring---------------------------------------------------------------------------------#art#drawing#watercolor#disney#disneyart#starwars#starwarsthelastjedi#starwarsart#lukeskywalker#markhamil#porg#fanart#nerdart#worldofnerdart#instaart