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Kimberly McMinn (@kimberlymcminn) Instagram Profile Photo kimberlymcminn

Kimberly McMinn

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WOWEE I most definitely worked out my booty and legs today! Whew and you don’t think that those darn resistance bands would make a difference doing these moves~~~~~WRONG!! Burn Baby Burn! 😜💪👊🙌😁 #modifications

Sidharth Romanoff (@sidharth_romanoff) Instagram Profile Photo sidharth_romanoff

Sidharth Romanoff

image by Sidharth Romanoff (@sidharth_romanoff) with caption : "#nano #modifications" - 1696190845370555812
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Rizoma turn signal lights are characterized by their aerodynamic lines, top quality materials and modern design accessories. Characterized by its sharp and marked lines, this compact indicator light from Rizoma has an aggressive look and a high aesthetic value. Manufactured with the use of the latest SMD LED technology, it is powered by LED, which assures its high performance and compliance with the European Homologation standards. The lines and angles of these signals will be a great match for any of the modern sportbikes and naked bikes. In terms of brightness, stock signals cant even come close...these are bright! For genuine product and best suport get from authorized distributor and dealers. Contact Hans Positive Prosport Call 082231555777 #modifications

Crossfit DNR (@crossfitdnr) Instagram Profile Photo crossfitdnr

Crossfit DNR

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There's modifications for EVERYTHING! Theses ladies crushed Bar muscle ups tonight. Our Freedom CrossFit class had Open 16.3 programmed tonight (power snatches & bar MUs). #modifications

GTAccessibleandbeyond (@gtaccessible) Instagram Profile Photo gtaccessible


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More info from Samantha’s talk. 1. Code doesn’t always = to best practice (personal space should also include an individual’s wheelchair, this should be considered when designing elevators, hallways etc.) 2. Barrier free path of travel. 3. Accessible entryway should be at the primary entrance (entering from the back of the bldg can be demeaning) 4. Tactile indicators for people with visual impairments 5. 6. Code says 1:12 for ramps, best practice is 1:15 or 1:20 7. Forms of barrier free path (lifts are also a form but most municipalities require a lift to be operated with an attendant present which takes away an individual’s sense of agency and independence. This goes for locked bathrooms and locked elevators as well where one has to ask for a key in order to use a space) 8. With Samantha just smilin’ #modifications