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Wait . . . =-= (@memesquadturnup) Instagram Profile Photomemesquadturnup

Wait . . . =-=

I know I put this on our story but I still wanna # 1669753181462021739

I know I put this on our story but I still wanna #spreadthewordlikejellyontoast#savenetneutralitythere's only a voicemail if you're nervous please just call it's our only chance.We might lose the internet TODAY.(Gonna put a lot of random hashtags on here so ppl will see this).#netneutrality#savenetneutrality#pennywise#it#strangerthings#eleven#mike#mlp#anime#internet#fucktrump#netflixandchill#vines#vine2#vine#sherlock#sherlockholmes#benedictcumberbatch#shrek2#meme#memes#dankmemes#avengers#wonderwoman#undertale#sans#christmas

You’re formally invited to a royal affair! Tune your telly to The Crown with Francesca, and don’t forget the tea and biscuits! (link in bio) #godsavethequeen#netflixandchill#happyholidays

Argentinian born and Italian based artist Lucio Fo 1669754958311131540

Argentinian born and Italian based artist Lucio Fontana (in 1966) sits down to write the “Manifesto Blanco”, the basis of a new artistic movement: Spatialism exploring and playing with the concepts of Time and Space. #luciofontana , Concetto spaziale, Attesa, 1967.Three-stars Michelin French Chef Michel Troisgros works in his kitchen on a new dish that uses milk and truffles. After testing many consistencies and effects, Michel decides to cover the truffles with a veil of milk. The veil accidentally breaks and suddenly, the dish looks like a Fontana painting:Left: Lucio Fontana Concetto spaziale, 1967 — Right: Michel Troisgros Milk and Truffle DishAs he serves the new dish, Michel notices that the cultural reference doesn’t connect with his guests: Along with his team, Michel decides to take his new creation to the next level by sharing an experience. Instead of simply serving the dish, the waiters started placing the untouched veil of milk in front of the guests and lacerate it in the middle to reveal the black truffle. Only then they would explain the Lucio Fontana’s influence.All of a sudden, the dish became a story, a story with a backstory. A creative ripple effect bridging painting and cuisine.Creative influences work in mysterious ways.Lucio Fontana didn’t create his movement and paintings imagining they would influence a chef half a century later.And Michel Troisgros didn’t set to create a dish that would replicate Fontana’s work. A happy-accident revealed an influence that he turned into a story.Here is a humbling truth: what we create never comes out of nowhere.