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Ratasha Iribarren (@the_ice_ninja) Instagram Profile Photo the_ice_ninja

Ratasha Iribarren

What a day! Competed in female and coed divisions yesterday at . Congrats to @tonilee1027 and @julianalivefit for taking top two in female! Had to pull off a flawless run to fight for a coed finals spot and take it all after being at @atp_obstaclegym for like 9 hours lol. Chalk monster was in full effect during atomic burpees of all things...sorry for the mess! @oramirez817 got to finals but got second to the defending champs @300proof and @gabby_m_. Though @oramirez817 and I had our eyes on first, they gave us a run for our money and pushed us to give it our all. Congrats to my partner @oramirez817 for taking home the male division for a second time and thank you to everyone for the overflowing support. It amazes me how we all beast it out as competitors, but come together and encourage each other all at the same time. Third time will be a charm.

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Here i am thinking im decently fit and then i go to @chaosfaktory only to know how far I have to go just to feel half as fit as the guys there @delsonjoy ... people in hsr layout should defly check this place out!! We gotto try our hands a bit in all these ninja stuff .. can’t wait to train more seriously !! #ninjawarrior

Ninja Warrior Travel Training ( Instagram Profile Photo

Ninja Warrior Travel Training

Instagram Image by Ninja Warrior Travel Training ( with caption : "I was interviewed recently on the Everyday Journey Podcast (Link to interview in my bio).
As described on the website," at Bangkok, Thailand - 1697217766255107643

I was interviewed recently on the Everyday Journey Podcast (Link to interview in my bio). . As described on the website, the theme of the podcast is: “Interviews with outstanding people about their upbringing, professions, hobbies, cultural traits, and life observations in an informal manner to inspire listeners to overcome obstacles and become freer and happier.” . You can see from the description that the theme is very much in line with how I share my story in my posts here on Instagram. In the interview, I talk openly about my past and my life journey of why and how I got to where I am today. Some of the topics in the discussion will be familiar material if you’ve been reading my posts but a lot of it will be new information. . The podcast is run by a good friend of mine, @Vasily (Vasily Myazin). He’s been doing a great job of running this podcast for the past year. In fact I believe it’s almost the 1 year anniversary of the show. I’m a big fan of interview style podcasts and I listen to several different ones. In my humble opinion, Vasily keeps a high standard of quality in interview style and content on par with some of my favorites. I had a great time doing this interview with him and I’m really happy with how this one turned out. . This is also a first for me, as I’ve never been interviewed before. I’ve been wanting to see what it’s like to do something like this and to hear the results of how it turned out. I’m always a little nervous about opening myself up in new ways, and sharing my real voice and my story openly like this was another comfort zone expanding experience and another goal checked off my list of “facing my fears” in order to be more free in my life. . That’s all I will say about the interview for now, I hope you give it a listen and find something worth hearing. 😀 . Thanks for the good times and stimulating discussion, Vasily! And good luck on future interviews in the years to come. ✌️

ACUMOBILITY (@acumobility) Instagram Profile Photo acumobility


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🔶SUBOCCIPITAL / Base of the head Release🔶 great demonstration of a neck release and neck mobility exercise from @chirostrength! Tension in the SUBOCCIPITAL area is one of the main culprits for headaches (all kinds of headaches). This area is where so many muscles originate and insert. Many people focus muscle work on the neck and shoulders, but never really target the SUBOCCIPITAL area - which is essential if you want relief! To find these knots you are looking at the very base of the skull - on the bone and just under the bone. You will want to look for knots starting in the center of the occiput and working your way out to the right and then out to the left. The trigger points here can be gnarly. So for some people just putting pressure on the ball will cause a lot of pain. When ready add the range of motion as seen in the video. We recommend combining this with the upper back release and upper Trap release to get at origin and insertion points of these muscles and to get the best outcome. The flat base of the ball allows you to put downward pressure into the ball without it rolling away and banging your head on the ground! Kind of essential for this release! . . . warrior

Nicola Callison (@colacalli) Instagram Profile Photo colacalli

Nicola Callison

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Clips from the team relay where I took on the spider climb and the rope to net swing! Never moved so quickly in my life 😂 . As soon as it’s a competition it’s ON😏💪🏼 . warrior

Eduardo Nieto (@edunietopadel) Instagram Profile Photo edunietopadel

Eduardo Nieto

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Haciendo de las mias ....y preparandome por si suena el🛎 En las instalaciones del gimnasio del señorio de illescas EXTREMFITNES 💪🏽😜🔝siempre fuertes ❣ #ninjawarrior

Florian Krämer (@floriantkraemer) Instagram Profile Photo floriantkraemer

Florian Krämer

Instagram Image by Florian Krämer (@floriantkraemer) with caption : "Mein Training heute. Spontan eingesprungen, um mit drei Kids ins Jump House zu fahren. Drei Ninja Warrior Strecken und M" at Hamburg, Germany - 1697207954476138096

Mein Training heute. Spontan eingesprungen, um mit drei Kids ins Jump House zu fahren. Drei Ninja Warrior Strecken und Muskelkater inklusive. Sehr cool! Merke: Die Kids können bei System of a down sehr gut schlafen. #ninjawarrior

image by Danny Olsen (@obstacle_bandit) with caption : "Training with the besties 👭💚 4km. walk & run with obstacles ----> We got so cold that, when we got home we had to get so" - 1697206344115138275
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Training with the besties 👭💚 4km. walk & run with obstacles ----> We got so cold that, when we got home we had to get some hot chocolate and eat a cookie or 2 😉💪 #ninjawarrior

MTXE4LYFE (@mtxe4lyfe) Instagram Profile Photo mtxe4lyfe


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Looks ! 😮💪🏾 . . @fun.ning with @get_repost ・・・ Follow @fun.ning & we get it, we get it, you and your bestie/bff do everything togehter! We get it😂👍🏼👏🏼💪🏽Tag 3 friends! Clip from @meaganmartin89 @jeriberr warrior

Ally Martinez (@allymfit) Instagram Profile Photo allymfit

Ally Martinez

image by Ally Martinez (@allymfit) with caption : "2nd place for Luis at Axios Ninja Warrior Competition! 
#ninjawarrior #ninjaintraining #axios" - 1697205501833508882
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2nd place for Luis at Axios Ninja Warrior Competition! #ninjawarrior