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Lana A. LaBonte


I’m Keeping my Solstice meals simple & lighter thi 1672818173520670012

I’m Keeping my Solstice meals simple & lighter this year than in the past. I realize how my body operates most optimal when I’m eating clean, vibrant plant based living whole foods!Over the years of coming to Winter Solstice I’ve noticed how my body feels heavier when adding in 100% cooked meals. This is why I’ve reduced the amount of meals I’m eating this year. Ive noticed how it’s taxing for My Body to consume 3 cooked meals a day while my normal routine typically consists of intermittent fasting until early afternoon followed by smoothies, fruits, salads, or other uncooked & unprocessed meals I prepare. 🥗While I’m here I find I’m more dehydrated because the living food I normally consume is more hydrating for my body than cooked food that has lost its nutritional value. The body has to work harder to process cooked food & eliminate what it is unable to assimilate which is why I end up bloated & constipated. I’m just saying it sits in my colon needing help to get it moving.So this year I’ve gained clarity in the awareness of how I thrive on my current routine. When I am away from home I simply need to make adjustments that sustain my body’s True needs.As Yogi Bhajan says, “The Graceful Woman carries her food!”I take that as a compliment now when before I may have had animosity in feeling left out & unsupported. I see it’s exercising Self~Love & Self~Care for Me that Matters Most!I can only inspire others if I follow My Own Inner Wisdom & Guidance!When I Rise, You Rise!Inspire through Inspired Living!What Dictates or Guides Your Food Choices?Keep It Raw, Stay Rad!#rawandrad#wintersolstice#awareness#mouthpleasure#sensualfood

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WARNING️ Fresh earthy turmeric and spicy ginger co 1672822085700155987

WARNING️ Fresh earthy turmeric and spicy ginger combined with honey sweet tangerines may be the earthiest one we make! The combination of these 3 ingredients harmoniously produces a unique & assertive tropical winter elixir...AVAILABLE IN SAN DIEGO later this week, hitting LOS ANGELES next week, and SACRAMENTO & BAY AREA early 2018🥂#livecultured


Taking a moment to yourself over the holidays can1672821762595695086

Taking a moment to yourself over the holidays can add so much value to your life and the way you interact with others.Tips for overcoming holiday overwhelm are now live on the living swell with Peggy Hall Facebook Page.We are so excited! These tips are getting so many comments and messages!Let me know if they help you too! Wishing you peaceful holidays.

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Patricia Langford


Seriously this kale is on steroids. The plants are 1672822992532643816

Seriously this kale is on steroids. The plants are two years old and still producing. It is a gentle tasting kale and I use it in salads rather than lettuce. Fab in smoothies with it's gentle flavour.#tuesdaytip#health#nutrient#greens#smoothies#organic#homegrown#satisfying

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S. Leakas - Nurture Your Roots

Many people are concerned that #cleaneating is too 1672822948317969561

Many people are concerned that #cleaneatingis too expensive. Here are a few tips to help keep you on budget: ⠀- Check out your local farmer's market or subscribe to a CSA box - you might be able to get more reasonably priced #organicveggies than you imagine!⠀- Clean eating is not all or nothing. Check out our post and download "dirty dozen" list of items that you should prioritize buying organic!⠀link in profile⠀#naturallife#nurtureyourbody#nontoxiclife

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Organic Lifestyle Foods

Did you know we offer delicious #dessert as a part 1672822954256615163
New JerseyReportShareDownload00

Did you know we offer delicious #dessertas a part of our delivery? Satisfy your sweet tooth by choosing from a wide selection of yummy desserts from #piesto #cheesecakes . 🥧•••#organic#food#natural#eathealthy#healthyeating#nyc# NewJersey #fooddelivery#organicfood#poultry#salmon#meat#cook#connecticut#vegetables#frozenfood#frozenmeat#dessert#eastcoast#northeast#freerange#healthy#newyork

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Nichole Launder

Who else has a beach vacation in their future? I’m 1672821648694307263

Who else has a beach vacation in their future? I’m about a month away from one and I can’t wait! About two week before I’ll do this 14 day tea detox to help with bloating and all around cleanse! Tea detoxes are my favorite and this one by @toptotoewellnessis amazing!!!

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Oasis Day Spa

Our December sale is on! Receive 10% OFF Spa Dolla 1672821895176889311

Our December sale is on! Receive 10% OFF Spa Dollar Gift Cards of $100 or more using code: DECEMBER. Link to buy: