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RidetheGaming (@ridethegaming) Instagram Profile Photo ridethegaming


image by RidetheGaming (@ridethegaming) with caption : ""Flying knights in elemental armours destroying everything in their path while killer guitar riffs sounds in the distanc" - 1697754922462668717
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"Flying knights in elemental armours destroying everything in their path while killer guitar riffs sounds in the distance". That could be the summary of Lords of Thunder(Winds of Thunder in Japan), one of the greatest Pc-engine shooters of all time, and definitely the most heavy metal game of Nec's console (and also Sega Mega CD). cd

STG BLOKE (@stg.bloke) Instagram Profile Photo stg.bloke


image by STG BLOKE (@stg.bloke) with caption : "🕹 Force Gear - PC Engine" - 1694575690017541666
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🕹 Force Gear - PC Engine

Glen Olivier (@red_spectra) Instagram Profile Photo red_spectra

Glen Olivier

image by Glen Olivier (@red_spectra) with caption : "Just made #turbografxtuesday !" - 1688965387244161205
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Just made !

edward Figueiredo (@shmups4ever) Instagram Profile Photo shmups4ever

edward Figueiredo

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Terraforming for the PC Engine CD was 1CCed on the default difficulty (Normal) on a Turbo Duo-R; a rather weird horizontal shooter that's renowned for having Syd Mead as one of its visual designers; final score 12.381.110 points, with no milking at all #pcenginecd

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One of my favorite tracks from Ginga Fukei Densetsu Sapphire. Love those dueling guitars! cd

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Ginga Fukei Densetsu Sapphire, for the PC Engine. An amazing shooter for its time, and fantastic metal soundtrack. cd

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레트로게임3탄 피시엔진...(게임기는 주말에...ㅎㅎ;;). 게임 하는것 보다 머신 보고 있으면 뿌듯..난 콜렉터였어..ㅜㅜ. . 18년에는 참지 말고 지르기!!!. 부당한건 아니라고 말하기!!! 초코파이정신 버리기!!!. . CD . ☆초코파이 정신이란.. 말하지 않으면 몰라!! 정 나누면 호구!!!!

Ziegit Zie Evo (@ziegit_zie_evo) Instagram Profile Photo ziegit_zie_evo

Ziegit Zie Evo

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SOLD OUT - Kaset original Pc engine Cd The manhole,lengkap manual dan box nya, monggo dikoleksi Lokasi jl pucangan 3 no 43d kota surabaya, luar kota bisa kirim kirim H p wa sms 0 8 5 6 4 5 6 5 6 2 3 2, pin bb akuoke cd