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www.Whats4Lunch.Today (@w4lunch) Instagram Profile Photo w4lunch



Flying Colors Apparel (@flyingcolorsapparel) Instagram Profile Photo flyingcolorsapparel

Flying Colors Apparel


image by Flying Colors Apparel (@flyingcolorsapparel) with caption : "Navy Stripes👌🏼Shop this infinity scarf on the site today!" - 1695761461962741391
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Navy Stripes👌🏼Shop this infinity scarf on the site today!

Harnoor Singh (@harns_nd_noble) Instagram Profile Photo harns_nd_noble

Harnoor Singh


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Rooftop cypher in India with the cuz! Working on that dubstep bass 🙌🏾! What’re y’all thoughts? . . . #pennstate

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image by Avert® (@averthangoverprevention) with caption : "TGIF 👍🏻🍻🍸" - 1695783721578639356
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TGIF 👍🏻🍻🍸

Jen Deinlein (aka Coach) (@groovypq) Instagram Profile Photo groovypq

Jen Deinlein (aka Coach)

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Highlights of the new college arrivals. Swipe for closeups, DM or comment to purchase! #pennstate

image by Otis Williams (@otiswilliamsphotography) with caption : "Relax, breathe, steady your hand, there you go. Now find your target, good. Pull the trigger.” HT-3948 was a good leader" - 1695766078020866859
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Relax, breathe, steady your hand, there you go. Now find your target, good. Pull the trigger.” HT-3948 was a good leader, he helped us all be the best soldier we could be. He took me under his wing and taught me to become a marksman, instead of a simple infantryman. I appreciated every teaching he gave me and I soaked it all up like a sponge. He wanted me to take his place if he were to meet an untimely fate. * * * He taught me so much, yet I felt I still wasn’t ready for his death. It was in those same trenches where he taught me so much. The rebels attacked out of nowhere one day. This was no regular attack either, it was coordinated and calculated. The fighting began at 0830 during a shift change, GK-1928 and FT-2039 were down before they could say anything. Our first trench line was overrun. We tried our best to fight off the incoming forces and the invading ones in the trenches. Me and 3948 were in the second line pushing the attack. * * * After 15 or so minutes of stagnant fighting the rebels started to push the second line of trenches, a thermal detonator was thrown in between me and him, he shoved me with all his might and fell on it. He saved 10 to twelve lives in the instant. * * * Anger and adrenaline shot through me and I sternly said into the comms “HT-3928 is down. I am in command now, keep pushing the fight. I need 5 men on me NOW!” Once 5 men volunteered I had 2 of them pop smoke and throw it as far as they could. Once it billowed I yelled charge and we ran like mad men. Into the first trench stabbing and shooting until no rebel was left alive. * * * It was just crazy enough to work and I knew he would’ve be proud of me * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *   #pennstate

Raw Aesthetic Movements (@ram_squad) Instagram Profile Photo ram_squad

Raw Aesthetic Movements

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During the Rhythm Spotlight XV Weekend we will be having workshops taught by Marie Poppins, El Nino, BoxWon, and Hurrikane! Friday, 26th: - Marie Poppins @ 9:30 PM - El Nino @ 10:30 PM Location: HUB 232 Sunday, 28th: - BoxWon @ 1:00 PM - Hurrikane @ 2:00 PM Location: HUB 232 For more information check out the Rhythm Spotlight FaceBook Event Page! . . . . @rushordertees #pennstate "

David Stone (@interrupt0) Instagram Profile Photo interrupt0

David Stone

Instagram Image by David Stone (@interrupt0) with caption : "23 degrees, but it will warm up this afternoon to almost 40. #bicyclecommute #snow #winter #pennstate" at Penn State Golf Courses - 1695747390802740929

23 degrees, but it will warm up this afternoon to almost 40. #pennstate

JoshTracyyMbl (@joshtracyymbl) Instagram Profile Photo joshtracyymbl


image by JoshTracyyMbl (@joshtracyymbl) with caption : "big discount coupon: xmas88 ,merry christmas,check our new #brady #qb #quarterback #mentor #co" - 1695744511848129817
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big discount coupon: xmas88 ,merry christmas,check our new #pennstate