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My take on the establishing piano melody from Radiohead's sublime 'Daydreaming' from their album 'A Moon Shaped Pool'. Astounding piece of music from every angle and a real sensory treat to play. I'm going to upload the jazzier second part in a bit. For now, let's just have this one. #playingpiano

Sargis Yeghiazaryan singer 🎤 (@sargisyeghiazaryanfanclub) Instagram Profile Photo sargisyeghiazaryanfanclub

Sargis Yeghiazaryan singer 🎤


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Sirogh sirts♥ it's me @sargisyeghiazaryan #playingpiano 🎹 best song ever

Lara Armana (@larmana) Instagram Profile Photo larmana

Lara Armana

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Wenn mer eich sött lerne 🤷🏼‍♀️..achtung klappergrüsch 🎼 #playingpiano

CrusaderBeach Solo Piano (@crusaderbeachpiano) Instagram Profile Photo crusaderbeachpiano

CrusaderBeach Solo Piano

image by CrusaderBeach Solo Piano (@crusaderbeachpiano) with caption : "Crafting tracks for my new album." - 1694948504294606866
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Crafting tracks for my new album.

Kok SiQin | 94's♒ (@siqinnn_0209) Instagram Profile Photo siqinnn_0209

Kok SiQin | 94's♒

image by Kok SiQin | 94's♒ (@siqinnn_0209) with caption : "I'm the little pianist😅😂🎹🎶
#wheniwassmall#playingpiano#piano#classicmusiclover" - 1694944341088207690
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I'm the little pianist😅😂🎹🎶 #playingpiano

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"La musica è Volontà, non Rappresentazione. La musica non ha legami col mondo, non lo spiega, semmai genera il mondo, cambia le forme, modifica gli umori..." da "Presto con fuoco" di Roberto Cotroneo. Oh, io sono di partissima con queste frasi..:-). Parte finale dell'Arabesque in mi maggiore di Claude Achille Debussy... piano

Teija Teppola 🐾 (@teijateppola) Instagram Profile Photo teijateppola

Teija Teppola 🐾

image by Teija Teppola 🐾 (@teijateppola) with caption : "#workwork 
#pimpom" - 1694919318036726863
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Ed_Rec_Angel (@edrecangel) Instagram Profile Photo edrecangel


image by Ed_Rec_Angel (@edrecangel) with caption : "Real recovery doesn’t exist without gaining weight. It’s not only gaining weight, but it’s gaining life too...and this i" - 1694788912731358892
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Real recovery doesn’t exist without gaining weight. It’s not only gaining weight, but it’s gaining life too...and this is exactly what we are fighting for. I’ve gained some weight recently and it’s means I’m closer to a healthy life. 🍒 Music and playing piano is the best medicine for me...when I’m scared or sad in this can reduce my stress or any pain... 🎶