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Chelsea Litchfield (@chelsealitchfield) Instagram Profile Photochelsealitchfield

Chelsea Litchfield



A beautiful memorial service held today remembering all our Angel babies, held by Derby Sands. Such a pleasure to be invited, being able replace baubles on the tree, light a candle for her and getting our own petal to place in the memorial garden. Her and Lydia-Rose are together keeping eachother company. Christmas is a difficult time of year for people missing loved ones, whether it be babies, children or adults, we all miss them madly and we all deal with it differently and in our own way. But I know we can help eachother through and support is key. We miss Sophia more and more everyday and this will never change. I love you princess#stillborn#stillbirth#pregnancyloss#lifeafterloss#stillbirthawareness#sands#memorialservice#chirstmas

Tangled Anchor (@tangledanchor) Instagram Profile Phototangledanchor

Tangled Anchor


Awkward Story #6 It was a few days before Christma 1672031425212468691

Awkward Story #6It was a few days before Christmas and my inlaws were hosting their annual family party.My second pregnancy had just ended in miscarriage a few weeks prior and I was in the thick of recovering physically, emotionally, and spiritually.Their annual party is a “ball” as in dancing in formal wear, family-prom type situation.All the relatives show up in formal dress and dance the night away.It’s very old-timey & fun, but we had travelled in from out of state and with the miscarriage taking over our life I hadn’t had energy, or money left to buy a ball gown that year.Still,we showed up, helped with food, dressed up in something nice, and cheerfully greeted everyone despite the fact that most of our joy had been flushed down a hospital toilet a few weeks before.The night went on and I chose to sit on the sidelines rather than dance that year.I sat there quietly smiling at everyone and trying to keep my mind off the sadness I felt.Then out of the crowd my husband’s uncle comes up, stoops over me and says in a cutting tone: “what, are you too good for us? I guess you’re too cool to dress up or dance with us, but it would mean a lot to your MIL if you tried to have fun.” I was so sad and defeated already; I didn’t even try to defend myself. I remember thinking:I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve been bullied and I’m freaking 21 yrs old at a family party.I sat there for the rest of the night knowing my husbands relatives thought I was some pretentious brat because I didn’t don a fake tiara with the rest of them that year.Little did they know I was facing the stark reality that my first loss wasn’t just random as well as mourning, for the second year in a row, a baby dying inside my body.This is the last Awkward Story I’ll share (for a while at least) so I want you to know that I’m at peace with these things.These moments, painful as they were, are from the past and I’ve shared them not because they still hurt, but because I hope it serves as a reminder that EVERYONE is dealing with something hard. All our lives are less than ideal and even those who have exactly what you want are dealing with hardship you can’t see.

Ashley Daoust (@letterstohazel) Instagram Profile Photoletterstohazel

Ashley Daoust


Dr. Meagan N Houston (@dr.meagann) Instagram Profile Photodr.meagann

Dr. Meagan N Houston

It’s ok to talk to your loved ones and friends abo 1671963562950289753

It’s ok to talk to your loved ones and friends about the loss of a child, miscarriage or stillbirth. Sometimes we don’t know what to say. Sometimes acknowledging, recognizing and being empathic go farther than you think! Give your condolences and share your heart. It’s okay not to be okay! #miscarriage#miscarriageawareness#stillbirth#stillbirthprevention#stillbirthstillloved#awareness#selfcare#mentalwellbeing#mentalhealthawareness#family#holidays#healingtime#holidayseason#educate#education#stress#grief#psychological#therapy#copingskills#cope#therapeutic#psyched#endstigma#converse#conversations#griefsupport#mentalhealthstigma#pregnancyloss#pregnancylossawareness

Victoria Allen (@victoria_allen) Instagram Profile Photovictoria_allen

Victoria Allen

For the first time in over 2 years I went a straig 1671999264799478697

For the first time in over 2 years I went a straight 14 days without any issues from my endometriosis, pcos, and tumors. Might not seem like much to y’all but it’s a huge win for me and seriously all I’ve wanted for a long time. The longest I had ever gone was 3 days. That’s 2 years of intense chronic pelvic pain almost everyday, inflammation, nausea and various other issues that I had to live with and try and function. I’ve had 5 surgeries in the last year alone and trying everything to try and fix the problems till a hysterectomy is approved took a serious toll on not just my body but also on me mentally. Finally getting approved for a hysterectomy after 3 years of trying and then not being able to move forward because of the issues with my heart definitely left me feeling defeated. This tiny win helped me feel less hopeless. Did I feel like rainbows and sunshine in those 14 days? No, the Lupron side effects from me still trying to adjust to the higher dosage were still kicking my ass. But at least I know it’s working for now. The biggest lesson I learned since my last miscarriage 3 1/2 years ago, which tipped the scales for all 3 conditions to get out of control, is taking things one day at a time and try to acknowledge the good no matter how insignificant it might seem. So that’s what I’m going to do with this tiny victory. ...#endometriosis#lifewithendometriosis#pcos#lifewithpcos#tumorscankissmyass#endo#chronicpain#spoonies#chronicillness#nocure#findacureforendometriosis#myreproductiveorganshateme#pregnancyloss#spoonies#spoonielife#lifeonlupron#smallvictories#takingthisasawin#tryingtostaypositive

blogging after child loss (@bloggingafterloss_) Instagram Profile Photobloggingafterloss_

blogging after child loss

 bittersweet feelings this year putting up our Ch 1671993556333511093

• bittersweet feelings this year putting up our Christmas tree and reality sets in, realising this time next year I will have a ten month old son, whilst coping with the fact that his twin brother will be celebrating his first Christmas somewhere else. Oh my boy, what I would do to bring you back... ️ •#childloss#miscarriage#miscarriageawareness#miscarriagesupport#miscarriagesurvivor#infantloss#infantlossawareness#babyloss#pregnancyloss#angelbaby#rainbowbaby#blogger#bloggerlife#oneinfour#1in4#warriors#loss#onetwinloss#onetwin#miracletwin#grief#grievingmother#bereavement#bereavedmother#gratefulandgrieving#amotherslove#loveneverdies#christmas#rememberancebauble#guardianangel

Anna Yang (@annabyang) Instagram Profile Photoannabyang

Anna Yang

Day 17 | Let It GoI heard the song "Let It Go" f 1671985988425783091

Day 17 | Let It GoI heard the song "Let It Go" from Frozen the other day.What a powerful song. "Here I stand / in the light of day / let the storm rage on." The song used to be on my playlist when I went running. Then I was pregnant, lost a baby, pregnant again, lost another baby and in no mood to listen to any powerful or uplifting songs. This winter, I can finally let go of my fear and anxiety of the past two years as I cradle my #rainbowbaby#decemberreflections2017#grievingoutloud#bereavedmother#loss#babyloss#pregnancyloss#pregnancyafterloss#stillbirth#miscarriage

Rebekah 👟💋 (@mommy_valkyrie_fit) Instagram Profile Photomommy_valkyrie_fit

Rebekah 👟💋

 #lovethyself 1671969956781907816