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Sarah E Howson (@sarahehowson) Instagram Profile Photosarahehowson

Sarah E Howson

Every time I use this deck I draw this card. And e 1672295277368016091

Every time I use this deck I draw this card. And every time I draw this card, weird shit happens. My solution for a year or so was to avoid using this deck and pretend the weirdness didn’t exist! But you can’t, as much as you try or want to believe you can, escape anything that’s always been meant for you. It’ll just let you deviate momentarily before drawing you back to where you’ve always been headed. Which equally annoys me (because I’m very stubborn and I want things my way) and excites me (because I also want what I fucking want so I’ve got a “gimme it now” kinda thing going on). Anyhoooooo. How’s ya Monday? I’m doing audio on my last day off before Xmas day. And obviously I am also procrastinating because the audio should really just finish itself and then I can do soundtrack and be finished with my film the end dot com dot au dot amaze......#oracle#oraclecards#tarot#divination#doreenvirtue#angels#love#belove#destiny#fate#annoyance#excitement#gimme#psychic#connection#procrastinating#soul#souls#soulmate

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Sacred Goddess

I am celebrating the elevation towards my higher s 1672294089179017077

I am celebrating the elevation towards my higher self that the Sacred Plant provides. I love the clarity, focus and presence I experience. I feel beyond blessed to make these delicious oils and edibles that heal people and make them feel better. Gift yourself or your favorite loved one with the gift that keeps on giving. I look forward to sharing mine with you. Message me directly for for sampling dates or to order yours in time for gifting.Sending you an abundance of healing energy, unconditional love, and inner peace.

Touched By An Angel Healings (@angelhealings) Instagram Profile Photoangelhealings

Touched By An Angel Healings

#mondaymotivation #NewWeek #psychic #mediumDAILY 1672289648017055271

#mondaymotivation#newweek#psychic#mediumDAILY CARD:Monday 18th Dec, 2017 *~ THE DOG ~* Loyalty - Sincerity - Unconditional Love..... Read More Below >>> The Dog is the most loyal animal to human beings. When Dog appears on your path, he reminds you of this trait. Are you steadfast with your loved ones? Are you true to yourself and your dreams?Do you act with sincerity? It's very important to do so now, for good fortune comes with the faithful Dog as your companion.The Dog loves sincerely without conditions, and is happy to be part of a pack. Think about how you function in your community - are you a loyal team player?Another issue the Dog asks you to consider is the loyalty of others. If someone is being insincere, move on because he or she isn’t meant to be in your pack.Ask the Dog for a sign, and your answer will be shown. Dog energy lives in your heart, so look there.... Brightest Blessings Leigh

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Remembering you in the season ! Hope you are all w 1672289007521714939

Remembering you in the season ! Hope you are all well. Namaste. DilaniDiva#spiritual#medium #psychic#guidance#lifecoach

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Dr Alexandra Brooks

People seem to need some distance to become closer 1672285713256151066

People seem to need some distance to become closer. ~Dr Alexandra Brooks#dralexandrabrooks#psychic