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Account Started June 21st 2017


I really hope this is the end of Jinders push. I n 1671152565440770819

I really hope this is the end of Jinders push. I never saw him as WWE championship material because of how WWE treated him in the past. He was a Jobber. Someone who’s supposed to lose and make their opponent look strong (good). He had a long run as champ and now that AJ is champ I just hope AJ retains at COC and gets to defend the title at WM. AJ’s of the greatest in ring performers of this generation and this upcoming WM is going to be his 3rd and he still hasn’t had a title match/defense at it. I hope he gets it.

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Ford Maverick montado nas @pdwbrasil 18” com Pneus 1671151011409378130

Ford Maverick montado nas @pdwbrasil18” com Pneus 245/45. Mais uma Exclusividade @vianautos.Gostou do resultado? Visite nossa loja, experimente a roda desejada e saia com um visual novo para o seu carro.-|(92) 3656-6221 / 99121-7999.-| Av. Darcy Vargas, N°1955, Chapada, Manaus.-#vianautos#rodas#pneus#alinhamento#cambagem#alinhamento3d#balanceamento#suspensao#escapamento#freio#escapamentoesportivo#medidas#tala10#volcano#ruff#status#preçojusto#atendimentodequalidade#desempenoderodas#recuperaçãoderodas#pinturaderodas#estilobaixo#pdw#scorro#raw#volcanowheels#hilux#aronovos

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#RAW out looking happy again 🤷‍️🤷‍️... 1671152478601024851

#rawout looking happy again 🤷‍️🤷‍️...

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روح اله مصطفی نژاد

Camera maker: #CanonCamera model: #eos #700DF-st 1671150283704933208

Camera maker: #canonCamera model: #eos#700dF-stop: f/11Exposure time: 30 sec.ISO speed: ISO-100Focal length: 11mmDate: 96/08/18 SH. 18:04Program name: #adobe#camera#raw

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Morgan Witkin

“It’s a helluva start, being able to recognize wha 1671150505056156579
Rome, ItalyReportShareDownload123

“It’s a helluva start, being able to recognize what makes you happy.”-Lucille BallRight on, Lucille.I suppose half of the battle is recognizing what makes you happy- and the second part is going for it...following your heart. What makes me happy? As I get older (and the years are passing oh so quickly!) I realize that it’s the little things...the moments of small joys and less of those big life goals I made a check-list of when I was younger.Today is a day filled with those small things that make me happy- and amount to a greater contentment at the end of the the end of everything. ⭐️ This morning I woke up with my daughter and we had a brief Lady Gaga dance party as we drank our lemon water together. (Yes! she asked for water and lemonbefore her breakfast!). We then dressed in pink and made strawberry smoothies. I went to a bikram #yogaclass with a friend, ran by the grocery store (grocery shopping is one of my greatest pleasures btw!), and in a while my babe and I are going to get into the kitchen for a few hours- make #veganlatkes for our Hanukkah dinner in deux and possibly ANOTHER chocolate cake. We’ll light the menorah, eat our #plantbasedlatkes and maybe watch a movie. We’ll take baths (hers with lavender oil and rice starch- mine with Epsom salts and eucalyptus), we’ll read a story and when she goes to bed- I’ll put on some music (tbd), light a candle and write- maybe about life, maybe a new recipe or maybe something else. I’ll get to bed relatively early, kiss my baby, and hopefully wake up to another day full of happy moments and indulging in the things I enjoy the most. These are things I love. Some of them at least. And I am #gratefulthat today, and hopefully many other days, I get to do exactly what I love doing with the people I love doing them with#happiness#gratitudeWhat makes you happy??So this is a pic of me a few hours ago with my saturday morning (pre-Yoga) #smoothie#strawberrysmoothieingredients:1/2 cup coconut milk1/4 cup coconut yoghurt1/4 cup filtered water1 frozen banana15 frozen strawberries1 tbsp white chia seeds1 tbsp maca powderAll blended in my #vitamix#namaste

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This Is Perfect@realpaigewwe #paige 1671152235106285118

This Is Perfect@realpaigewwe#paige

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Wrestling Zone

Here's the 3rd part of "Holy Shit Moments of WWE ( 1671151870703539149

Here's the 3rd part of "Holy Shit Moments of WWE (Part 3)".#wwe#wwenetwork#prowrestling#wwevideos#raw#smackdownlive#nxt#205live