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Arthur Leblanc


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Adriana Carrig (Botti)


Let the support of others lift you up.It ca 1670052377027960394

Let the support of others lift you up.••It can be so easy to talk yourself out of something simply due to fear of what others will say. But if you do take the risk and put yourself out there, you'll be shocked by how many more people will support you rather than tear you down - and, sooner than later, you'll find yourself feeling on top of the world. ••And... as far as those that don't support? Let them fuel your desire to keep climbing.••So, finally, thank you to all those who support me every day- now get your asses up here#ontopoftheworld#keepclimbing#beyourself#findyourcourage

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Inland Empire Car Club


Americana Classic #roadtrip 1670053499238488281

Americana Classic #roadtrip

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Note to self No.2 : Don’t climb over the fence to1657060250433845663
Moro RockReportShareDownload124

Note to self No.2 : Don’t climb over the fence to the edge of Moro Rock when your very loud and overprotective Armenian Mum is with you. Chances are, she will yell... again. LolThanks to the French lady who fearlessly took my picture anyway! #17tripsfor2017

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Tonyia Renee

ReportShareDownload00’s the middle of the week and even though I am going to my REAL JOB in the morning I’m still traveling! although I didn’t get on a flight I took a road trip! To see JANET JACKSON at @thescopeareanaThis woman is OVER 50 years old...and she is still dancing, singing LIVE and looking like she did when u learned her dance moves for “Control” over 25 years ago! #janetjackson#scopearena#thursday#roadtrip#control#comebacktome#traveler#tonyiatalks#tonyiarenee#blogger#travelwriter#musiclover#living#smiling

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AWE Production

The assignment: create an MJ-inspired ‘Thriller La 1670052979968662796

The assignment: create an MJ-inspired ‘Thriller Lair’ for NYE. Thanks for letting us forage through your warehouse @michiganopera ! 🧟‍️🧟‍️ #collaboration