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E3 Academy and Healing Center (@e3academyandhealing) Instagram Profile Photoe3academyandhealing

E3 Academy and Healing Center

It's always a good time.__#consciousness#chakr 1672244673039890650

It's always a good time.__#consciousness #chakras #meditation #meditate #yoga #ascend #spiritual #spiritualawakening #enlightenment #awareness #selfrealization #miamibeach #higherconsciousness #universalconsciousness #oneness #buddha #420 #thought #happiness #truth #reality #cannabis #psychology #loveyourself #peaceofmind #acceptance #freethemind #love #mmj~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ॐ BODHI BORGIA E3 ॐ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~THANK YOU FOR READING. PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT & CHECK OUT OUR OTHER POSTS ON MEDITATION, YOGA, CHAKRAS and FITNESS.FOLLOW US IF YOU LIKE! ONE LUV.

Jummee Park (@jummeepark) Instagram Profile Photojummeepark

Jummee Park

Why this audiobook is so good? Wanting happiness o 1672233557446537596

Why this audiobook is so good? Wanting happiness or constantly searching for only light and trying solve problem can be our projection.Dont give a fxxk to anything but you are who you are. Be the BE without wanting anything. Concerning others opinions and worry about what others think of youcan be full time job and exhausting process.Who are you? Liverate yourself!#jummeemethod#bebold#beyourself#selfrealization#sundaywisdom#booktoread

Jessica Weitzenhoffer (@jessicadeviyoga) Instagram Profile Photojessicadeviyoga

Jessica Weitzenhoffer

Feeling all the beautiful feels in this powerful m 1672229649286247161

Feeling all the beautiful feels in this powerful moment of #transition . I've dedicated 2.5 years to diving into the teachings of #yoga . Studying, serving, and teaching the #wisdomthat rings & resonates so deeply & authentically in my soul - an inner quake I can't & won't ignore. And another inner quake I can't & won't ignore is the #rebellious& #revolutionary#freakin me. I've taken a #pilgrimageinward into the depths of #selfstudy#svadhyaya , exploring #discipline , self-restraint, and #service . And, in order to commit wholeheartedly to this mission, I've necessarily sacrificed other deep aspects of my personality, of my being, of my authentic nature. I'm feeling energized & fully prepared to integrate all aspects of my being into a full, complete, #whole#expressionof Self. Ultimately, I am #loveandlight . And I feel that so deeply & truly. Its been a journey shedding the layers obstructing my me~ness, and the #unveilingcontinues endlessly. I'm not certain what is next for me on the physical-plane, but I know I will stay disciplined - practicing & teaching yoga - and I will stay #playful- exploring myself & this Universe creatively.#community& #tribeare the most meaningful aspect of my existence on the Earth, and I love you all more than I could ever express through words. Keep on being your #badassselves! You inspire & motivate me to be the best version of myself. Let's hold each other accountable, inspire one another, and be totally awesomely unapologetic. 🤘#activation#awakening#selfrealization#authenticity#integration#inspiration#firedance#firedancer#kali#babaharidass#mountmadonna

💀 A. A. C-G. 👽 (@rapturous_visitant) Instagram Profile Photorapturous_visitant

💀 A. A. C-G. 👽

 “ Smile what else is there to do, nod and hit th 1672219848892884748

• “ Smile what else is there to do, nod and hit them with a two, and pretend you got something to do. No time for talk, don't wanna hear all the chatter. The drama fills you with dread, you want no part of it. Got something better to do like not communicating with you. No time to think about what others are up to, to focused on my own two feet. Like where i am, and where am i going? Dont wanna share that sometimes youyou feeling me? Everybody has got an opinion, like if it aint theres you aint suppose to do. Dont live like that, dont you dare think like that!Why do you have to talk like that, what is up with you? Dont wear that, that makes you look weird. Like fuck am i even breathing right ? And i dont give a fuck if i look weird,who claimed i was damn normal? Not me. I am not from here, though i was born here. Swear on my own life that i was dropped from space to Earth In another dimension. I dont feel i belong here, but to be honest i never felt right in my own two feet. Never told a soul, because everyone has an opinion so targeting that its crippling. That i feel like i am not living my OWN life right, when momma never told me it was someone elses decisions. Tired of the bad talk, the bad mouth. If you truly have something to say to me, than why not you just speak up and say it? Why do you gotta keep dragging me along on this goose chase?Sick of the bad talk, the bad mouth. Walking around pretending you know everything, when really you not having a clue. Cant open up your head, so you decide to shut everyone out. Bad talk, bad mouth, cant open up your third eye, so you decide to open up your mouth. Filling the computer with useless data, like the information your providing is life saving. I am no one to judge, but if you ask me a man cheating on his wife shouldnt be talking about how women are such hoes, and you girls saying you cant find prince should stop looking at the boys handing you shot drinks. Saying 'drink up, i wanna see if you can hold your booze' they aint real you feeling me? Bad talk, bad mouth, saying nothing but judging your ways. If they gonna love you, they love you for you. “ - R.P. • #selflove#love#lyrics#respect#trust

Stoicism Daily (@stoicism.daily) Instagram Profile Photostoicism.daily

Stoicism Daily

Focus only on that which you do have control over 1672221333045876745

Focus only on that which you do have control over

Kate Chiffey Gray (@katechiffeygray_) Instagram Profile Photokatechiffeygray_

Kate Chiffey Gray

Dearest GurujiYou cracked my heart wide open.1672212551021594593

Dearest GurujiYou cracked my heart wide open.You stripped my soul bare.As I gaze to you I see the potential of humanity to be pure embodiments of love.This weekend I saw that potential manifest in 13 amazing souls as they journeyed into their own heartsand awoke their truth.The gift you gave me I will continue to pay forward until I no longer posses human form.I love you. ️ Om Namah Shivaya #bekind#chooselove#awareness#isness#mooji#zmar#silent#satsang#retreat#awaken#conscious#consciousness#god#loveyou#love#oneness#meditation#selfrealization#selfinquiry#truth#ancient#truthful#wisdom#wokeaf#wisdommovement

Joe Monaco (@j_.monaco) Instagram Profile Photoj_.monaco

Joe Monaco

Feeling better about ourselves because of another1672209639771845240

Feeling better about ourselves because of another persons misfortunes is one of the biggest ego setbacks we are living through right now because we believe that raising up another may threaten our very own self worth -Joe Monaco #truth#alessonforlife#worth#selfrealization#worthy#lifecoaching#cbt@tonyrobbins@owntv@garyvee@infinitewaters@thesharkdaymond