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you are ENOUGH!when I reached my goal I FELT on1672251979266434487

you are ENOUGH!when I reached my goal I FELT on TOP OF THE WORLD... but then I began to let negativity pull me down!I injured myself and quickly LOST it all. I started to thinkI worked so hard to get here and I’m still NOT STRONG ENOUGH, not FIT ENOUGH, not this, NOT THAT! That’s the WORST THING I could of done not hurt myself physically but hurt myself MENTALLY! I started to pull & pick myself apart! Now I look back at that person I wasn’t happy with and wish I was back at that! This time is so much different, this time I promised myself not only will I grow stronger physically but MENTALLY! Each day I will remind myself I am ENOUGH! No matter what I am ENOUGH! I will be sure to be proud and appreciate each step to a better me..... and just that little change is going to bring me a LONGGGGGG WAY! It’s going to bring me to my GOAL & BEYOND!

People tend to give up because they are not seeing 1671869070223196262

People tend to give up because they are not seeing the results they want. But are you putting in the work to get those results? Not only that, but if you stop now either way you will then see absolutely NO RESULTS!! the time is going to pass anyway might as well go with the flow and just do your best to make everyday count!️

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6'4 253. Been Focusing on Stomach & Leg Developmen 1671599765286140345

6'4 253. Been Focusing on Stomach & Leg Development.Trying To Find That Perfect Balance Between Real Mass &Proportion,As Well As Use Having A Long Torso & Long Muscle Insertions To My Advantage.Im Fat I KnowBut Watch Me Bring This Pack All The Way Together#itsallthere#fitness#fit#abs#training#legs#squats #physique#bodybuilder#fitspiration#malemodel#swoll#body#sexy#fitfam#thickfitarmy#hardbody#blackfitness#dedication#discipline#photo#gym#train#physiquemodel#athlete

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