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Trina Kavanagh (@trina_kavanagh_fit) Instagram Profile Photo trina_kavanagh_fit

Trina Kavanagh

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And we have come to the final day of and today we have so since clearly I am a sucker for punishment I decided to try a and clearly I was struggling with my symmetry 😂😂 here are some of my million tries 😅😅😂! In the end from all my balance struggles and symmetry disasters my face almost matched my outfit 😂😂😂. I was still smiling though 😁😁! Thank you so much to our hosts for another round of crazy symmetrical fun 😉😉😁😁💗💗💗. Hosts: @helen_garner_yoga @vythathin @yogamonkeyliz @omniyogagirl Sponsors: @marthaacunasportwear @ocean.and.tides @urbn.nirvana @yogamatsuk @my_yoga_store - For those of you who like to plan ahead, here are our poses: Day 1: Wide-legged forward fold (any) Day 2: Toestand Day 3: Camel Pose Day 4: Shoulderstand Day 5: Splits Day 6: Egg shaped headstand Day 7: Yogi's Choice . . s

Heather Prince (@yogiheatheranne) Instagram Profile Photo yogiheatheranne

Heather Prince

image by Heather Prince (@yogiheatheranne) with caption : "It’s not pretty but if feels good in my bones 🧘🏼‍♀️
#yoga #asana #vinyasa #warmup #virabhadrasana3 #ardhachandrasana #" - 1697462080260393262
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It’s not pretty but if feels good in my bones 🧘🏼‍♀️ . #tiptoes 🕉

Royal Baddie. (@ipeeglitters) Instagram Profile Photo ipeeglitters

Royal Baddie.

Instagram Image by Royal Baddie. (@ipeeglitters) with caption : "Lovin' these!😍 • Follow @ipeeglitters for more!

#tiptoes #fluffy #love #heels #highheels #classy" at New York, New York - 1697413705523750537

Lovin' these!😍 • Follow @ipeeglitters for more! #tiptoes

image by Jackie (@starlotusyogini) with caption : "Tiptoes and fingertips...finally moving again." - 1697408566075077125
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Tiptoes and fingertips...finally moving again.

Michael Stillion (@michaelstillion) Instagram Profile Photo michaelstillion

Michael Stillion

image by Michael Stillion (@michaelstillion) with caption : "Billie Jean (tiptoes), 45"x36" mixed media on canvas, 2018
.  #painting #contemporaryart #studio #art #fin" - 1697354926077758188
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Billie Jean (tiptoes), 45"x36" mixed media on canvas, 2018 . . . . . . . . #tiptoes

Jack Bennett (@jaackkkkkk) Instagram Profile Photo jaackkkkkk

Jack Bennett

Instagram Image by Jack Bennett (@jaackkkkkk) with caption : "A fantastic day yesterday ! Thank you @jamesnstallard & @abbieboston ! #meetthestallards #tiptoes 🧐" at The Monastery Manchester - 1697307739065192884

A fantastic day yesterday ! Thank you @jamesnstallard & @abbieboston ! #tiptoes 🧐