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Jessica Dubish (@jessicadubish) Instagram Profile Photojessicadubish

Jessica Dubish

And we’ve returned from over the rainbow-just in time for the holidays. (This production will always hold a very special place in my heart) ((I miss y’all already!)) (((thank you for sharing your hearts and making some lovely art with me))) #yinandyang#wizardofoz

Melissa Jean Bentley (@meljean_bentley) Instagram Profile Photomeljean_bentley

Melissa Jean Bentley

Olivia P. (@olarvia) Instagram Profile Photoolarvia

Olivia P.

Just was reminded of this pic William and I took w 1672741058760189383

Just was reminded of this pic William and I took with one of the last surviving munchkins from the 1939 Wizard of Oz in 2009! We are on our knees btw, but looking back, how awesome to have met someone part of cinematic history!?#wizardofoz#throwback

🌺JessicaFloyd🌺 (@belos_dedos) Instagram Profile Photobelos_dedos


DinoDan (@jolly__dad) Instagram Profile Photojolly__dad


OhSorry to keep y’all waiting1672738006389106193

OhSorry to keep y’all waiting•••••••••#gay#rickandmorty#wizardofoz#memes#destroydickdecember

Rox💡🎨📖🎬🏊🐢👿💘🐕 (@rox_land2017) Instagram Profile Photorox_land2017


Alberto l'avrei lasciato così.. 1672679417723319518

Alberto l'avrei lasciato così...#christmastree2017#wizardofoz#magodioz

Davi Jones 🗝 (@davijones_illustration) Instagram Profile Photodavijones_illustration

Davi Jones 🗝


Here are a couple characters I did for a Wizard of Oz project! I have 2 more characters to share , but I think the scarecrow is my favorite.My watercolor skills have grown a lot since last semester and I'm excited to continue!(I think that emoji is a plant? Idk but it's green and looks cool)#watercolor#wizardofoz#class#project#character#characterdesing#design#art#dorathy#lion#scarecrow