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Jacci Allanson (@jaccis_fit_life) Instagram Profile Photojaccis_fit_life

Jacci Allanson

Tis the season for parties and food and celebratio 1671488072448354628

Tis the season for parties and food and celebration. A common theme on health blogs at this time of year is how to "survive the silly season". It is really difficult to control what food is on offer from time to time, its difficult to fit your usual exercise routine in around exploding social calendars. Here is how I find balance at this crazy time of year:1/ be intuitive/mindful of how you are feeling. Stressed? Full? Tired? Listen to what your body is telling you. If you arent hungry, and you're only eating because it's there or you are feeling stressed, try grabbing a glass of water before you take another mouthful. I will often only have one meal a day at this time of year because I get so full from big Christmas lunches. At the same time I dont stare myself if want breakfast and lunch before a big dinner - i'll just take it easy at dinner. Similarly, I will take a nap if i need one. Its a stressful and crazy time of year when sleep rituals go out the window. Sometimes a nap is all that is needed.2/ move when you can. Go for a walk, a swim at the beach, an evening run or search for home yoga on YouTube. Walking after a meal can be a great way to fill the afternoon lull.3/ Water. Stay hydrated. It's so easy to reach for another wine or cider or soft drink. Having regular water breaks makes a big difference for me in feeling energised over the christmas period4/ eat what you feel like. Don't deny yourself anything.But you don't need to eat EVERYTHING. Try sticking to your favourite treats and enjoy them. Nothing feels worse than feeling stuffed full on a hot day.

Barb Shippy (@barb_yogagirl) Instagram Profile Photobarb_yogagirl

Barb Shippy

Well ... it’s a. Crow pose in the junglethe best 1671489088652190771

Well ... it’s a. Crow pose in the junglethe best part I can do on Costa Rica!#yoga#yogapose#yogafit#yogafun#yogalover#fit#fitness#zen#namaste

Clauds Przystal (@claudiaprzystal) Instagram Profile Photoclaudiaprzystal

Clauds Przystal

Here’s to not working out for the next week or two 1671487380797820217

Here’s to not working out for the next week or two eating a ton of food. LA has some bomb ass vegan food. Can’t get enough. Lowkey i need to work on my handstands... i always do this pose 🤓 im wearing @tilyoucollapseleggings for all you ladies that are curious. Use ‘Claudia’ for 10% off 🦋 that view thoooooo. So fricken beautiful.

Nicole Woyak (@nwoy) Instagram Profile Photonwoy

Nicole Woyak

“So many people are only willing to touch the surf 1671488894656452062

“So many people are only willing to touch the surface levels of life.They are afraid to be awaken to the truth. Staying limited to only what they know rather what they are capable of.Becoming trapped in a state of fear and ego.Ignoring their intuitive compass.A spiritual breakthrough is the only way to connect to your higher-self and experience a truly authentic life.” -Melanie Koulouris