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Basque Country medias on Instagram

List of photos and videos recently pinned on Instagram with location: Basque Country

Maïlys Claverie (@mailys_claverie) Instagram Profile Photo mailys_claverie

Maïlys Claverie


Instagram Image by Maïlys Claverie (@mailys_claverie) with caption : "home ☀️" at Basque Country - 1694885744386483709
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home ☀️

Julen Apezetxea (@julenapezetxea) Instagram Profile Photo julenapezetxea

Julen Apezetxea


Instagram Image by Julen Apezetxea (@julenapezetxea) with caption : "Otsailak 3 !
3 de Febrero !
February 3rd !
@kuraiashing" at Basque Country - 1694841616518215018
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Otsailak 3 ! 3 de Febrero ! February 3rd ! @julenapezetxea @kuraiashing

Leire Gonzalez Balenciaga (@lei.gonzalezb) Instagram Profile Photo lei.gonzalezb

Leire Gonzalez Balenciaga


Instagram Image by Asier (@asier__photography) with caption : "Elantxobe" at Basque Country - 1694525257169734808
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EMBAJADA «punk-rock Lakuntza» (@embajada_punkrock) Instagram Profile Photo embajada_punkrock

EMBAJADA «punk-rock Lakuntza»

Instagram Image by EMBAJADA «punk-rock Lakuntza» (@embajada_punkrock) with caption : "Baterijole berri baten bila gabiltza! Norbait interesaturik baldin badago gurekin kontaktuan jarri!!" at Basque Country - 1694518255820323497
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Baterijole berri baten bila gabiltza! Norbait interesaturik baldin badago gurekin kontaktuan jarri!!

🌍🌞 (@lpicsm) Instagram Profile Photo lpicsm


🌍🌞 (@lpicsm) shared  Image at Basque Country on Instagram - 1694513872471065785
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Mikel Taboada (@mikel_taboada) Instagram Profile Photo mikel_taboada

Mikel Taboada

Instagram Image by Mikel Taboada (@mikel_taboada) with caption : "@silvibubio x @kutxitos 🖤" at Basque Country - 1694499063841882804
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HONEYDRIPX🍯 (@honeydripx) Instagram Profile Photo honeydripx


Instagram Image by HONEYDRIPX🍯 (@honeydripx) with caption : "Honey | office | 2018" at Basque Country - 1694491100092190487
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Honey | office | 2018

🌍🌞 (@lpicsm) Instagram Profile Photo lpicsm


Instagram Image by 🌍🌞 (@lpicsm) with caption : "#mountains #cow" at Basque Country - 1694471432783658268
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Louis Brng (@louisbrng) Instagram Profile Photo louisbrng

Louis Brng

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Grillage et bois.

Lena Heubusch (@lenaheubusch) Instagram Profile Photo lenaheubusch

Lena Heubusch

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Reposting from @womeninphoto ・・・ @lenaheubusch in dialogue with @sjayyre and @sujiiiiiiiiii for this week’s (have a look at our previous posts). Thinking about how within our practices, the three of us approach photography as an ongoing process; an unfinished, continuous act. The video I’m sharing, ‘The Act of Looking’ links into the dialectics of body and thing. The camera looks at me and I look at the camera, pushing the button... Flusser writes in Towards a Philosophy of Photography, “In photography the camera does the will of the photographer but the photographer has to will what the camera can do.” A little experiment of machine, body and mind